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Message Subject I'm an alien abductee. Here for the night. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle AlienAddictions.com
Post Content
Aye, aye, aye.
I've never had missing time though.
It seems like I'm visited, but I don't go anywhere at night. I guess that was what my original question to you was. Can this happen on some "other" plane.

I dream of babys and ufos ALL the time.

I record my dreams.

The one last night was I was putting a blanket on four babies. They were on a sort of cubby/shelf. There were two on one side and two on the other side. As if two were girls and two were boys, but I'm not sure. I just remember arranging the blanket on them and staring.

And eyes. Always dreaming of eyes watching me. That is HUGE. Sometimes it's people. A lot of the times it deer. They watch me, but if I look at them, they look away.

(I hope I'm not rambling, I've just never had anyone to talk to this about)
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1131242

I get deer too!

Not rambling at all ... check out our website. Over 600 members there now.

I clearly remember being with them ... hybrids would play with Earth-born hybrids ... LOL it was a mess! Many of us remember this. :)
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