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Message Subject I'm an alien abductee. Here for the night. Ask me a question.
Poster Handle AlienAddictions.com
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I don't count the ancient structures as disclosure. I know they are, get what you're saying, am not offended at all. But that's thousands of years ago, kwim?

Glad you were not offended by my frustration. I guess I've given up on them as, at the very least, it's like they're just playing head games with us (both sides) and it angers me. I'd love nothing more than meeting an enlightened race of et beings to help us move on a better path on earth but then I figure they must be more interested in watching our suffering and that's appalling to me. Like putting ants under a magnifying glass and watching them burn. We are the ants to them it seems and if they just watch then they are no better than anyone else imo.

Oh, another question. You mentioned making you a hybrid a few times. Can you go into detail? What have they done/how have you changed to make you think you're a hybrid? And do you have any idea how many hybrids might be out there? And why they are making them? What are the future plans for the hybrids if any?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1185535

WTF do you mean by "kwim"???

Hybrid ... they tinker with genetics ... add alien genetics to our bodies. I know a number but can't say what it is. I can tell you that you would be SHOCKED by how many!!!

They've always been making them ... evolution has always been assisted.

Future plans ... hopefully to help make things more peaceful here.
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