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Message Subject Why does everybody freak out over pigs in S. Korea,
Poster Handle farmergirl
Post Content
All I am saying is our society puts the welfare of animals above the welfare of other human beings and I find that strange and disturbing.

But you are meshing two distinctly different realms into one rant.

Had the pigs been euthanized, this would have never made then news, as it would have been proper to do so.

You are comparing being euthenized to being buried alive.

The two are simply not comparable.
 Quoting: Tumbleweed Hippy

I see the point you are making. Perhaps I should have worded my title differently. But, you have to admit many of the responses I have received DO place animal rights over those of humans. This is more of the line of thinking I was interested in, not just what happened with the pigs.

I wanted to see how many thought pigs were more worthy of our defense than people. I guess I should have worded it this way, rather than use "euthanasia".
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