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are illuminati planning something??

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1221872
01/08/2011 06:44 AM
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are illuminati planning something??
what they mean to do???

[link to www.illuminati-order.org]

2011: Year of the War on terror

"Laws must be voted on immediately in all countries and come into force to fight the greatest evil of mankind"

We talk of terrorism.

The world is in great danger. Religions in conflict. Countries are threatening.

The world as we know, may be about to collapse if immediate measures to prevent and fight hard are not taken. The expansion of totalitarian ideas through religion, by various ways and means, in all countries, inspired by groups disguised as religious centers, charitable, healthcare and education are nothing more than disguised support points to a cause against humanity. Act mainly in countries with laws tolerant, who are off-axis attack. These countries who are victims hatching and multiplication of dangerous groups. Many work for these causes without knowing it. To these already alerted. Let's cut it in the bud.

Terrorist groups and their supporters are camouflaging themselves as religious centers, educational, charitable and welfare.

Many countries are already aware declared war on terror. No matter how much you spend or how much good men lose their lives to defeat those who seek to destroy our entire civilization.

Let us begin our intimate in the war on terror, choosing the good and peace.

We know that the cause of terrorism is a lost cause, the desperate who use force that is already defeated ideologically. When they fail in their attempt to convince the world go away for large and heavy furious attacks. Let us not deceive ourselves: even isolated and alone in his gloomy ideal, they are dangerous. How to fail in bringing the world to accept laws medieval and stupid, and try to reduce humans to mere slavish animal if avenge a terrible way.

"Medieval laws are enforced in countries with high social backwardness"

Today many laws are enforced in the late middle eastern countries, poverty joins the lack of rights, children are immediately taken to military field training, citizens of these countries are silent out of fear and into the hands of religious fanatics who only has the power as the sole means of maintaining his government tyrannical and hypocritical.

"There are hundreds of groups working around the world with different names"

It is also violent sabotage against those who fight against terror: from psychological warfare and other weapons articulated trying to influence public opinion to the ideal of terror, causing many sympathize with these causes dark. These factions, too, under the cloak of religion, fight for rights that even exist in their countries or religion. So can disguise itself, while pointing the finger pointing against Western ways, which they consider corrupt.

The new face of terror is the disguise

These groups at first will try to show nice and charitable, pointing out mistakes the West, speaking out against political corruption and social and morals, but deep down they want power, not getting, will depart for the total destruction of the West, because Western high culture never bend the law backward and stupid. Civilization maintain their customs and traditions, whatever the cost.

They try one step higher. And it will be defeated.

The world in 2011 should be on full alert. That initiate and sympathizer of the New Order is also a fighter against terrorism, because it failed attempts to bring the world to final destruction.

Maximum alert!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1221667
01/08/2011 06:47 AM
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Re: are illuminati planning something??
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1214438
01/08/2011 06:58 AM
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Re: are illuminati planning something??