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Look through the doublespeak of the current political spectrum

Anonymous Coward
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United States
01/09/2011 01:39 AM
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Look through the doublespeak of the current political spectrum
The right is conservative and statist wanting to preserve privilege for the select few, elites, kings, public commissars, bankers, military, dictators, central planning etc. Makes no qualms about supression of liberty.

the far left would be anarchy, the concept can be derived from the Greek origins of the word (anarkhos) which meant "without a ruler." Classical liberals moved closer to this idea.

Socialism/communism is in between a bastard structure of trying to merge liberty ends by statist means.

The current American political structure has been befouled by Orwellian doublespeak, both mainstream parties and ideologies(liberal and conservative) have used the tyranny of words to undercut what what the true meaning of left and right mean.

in europe liberal means less government, conservative and social democrat(US Dems?) mean more goverment.