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CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:43 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
The key to the 9/11 truth movement is KISS "keep it simple stupid".

The truth of the matter is this:

Our gov. knew about and decided not to act to prevent, the attacks on the WTC.

How do we know this?

Multiple FBI agents have testified to the fact that they warned about specific persons, and specific acts as possibilities.


The NORAD operation that caused mayhem and the military to failed to respond as they normally would have. This does not mean the military was "in on it."


Our commander in chief knew about the first attack prior to going into the 2nd grade classroom and he did so anyway...the school was a mere 4 miles from an airport. Considering the multiple "lost" planes how is it that the Secret Service did not immediately act to protect the president from possible harm (his schedule is not a state secret...if we knew where he as going, for sure the evil terrorists would have). Instead, our noble leader went into the classroom to read MY PET GOAT...and was filmed being informed of the second attack....why did they not act to protect him then???

They didn't act because they knew he was not in danger.

Did the Israelis know?

Sure, there is proof enough that the terrorists were being shadowed by the Mossad (google Israeli art students).

Did they warn our government? Maybe, it's likely they did. (as apparently did others) Did they act in collusion with our government, they could have. WHY Should they be upset at the U.S. being given an A-1 opportunity to go to war against one of their biggest enemies? Although, the Israelis warned Bush NOT to take out Saddam because it would destabilize the whole area. Which is, according to my information, the whole reason Saddam was "not got" during the Gulf War.

Did the Israelis warn their own?

Wouldn't you?

Were there explosives in the buildings? Possible, and even probable...placed there by our own gov?? Not likely...more likely placed there with their blessings.

KISS...no need for the whacko theories being batted around by the most crazed of 9/11 truthers...I'd say the movement has been infiltrated by person putting forth such wild theories for ONE REASON....when things get too complicated and TOO out there, no one is likely to actually BELIEVE them.

KISS. It's nothing more or less than what I posted above.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:44 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
If it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, but the government report says it's a horse, well, we must have been mistaken.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:45 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
I beleive it was the Russians that always said that when a crime was committed, you always look to those who stand to gain the most from it and you usually have the ones behind the crime...

I'm not saying it was an inside job, but I will say that someone high up had knowledge of it and allowed it to happen. And now it appears that someone very high up is attempting to cover as much of the evidence as they can. And our boarders continue to be open to anyone to get in but we are in the middle of a military state being formed...

All lies will be revealed.

All Part of the New World Order... And don't you forget it. They've been telling you that it's going to happen...Did you think that they thought for one second that you would give away your civil liberties willingly? A new world order will not be about more freedom for you or myself. It will be about Big Brother controlling everything you do and always watching you.

It will only be when it's too late before people really stand up for what they are losing.

People need to get it out of their heads that the people in charge are always looking out for your best interest. THEY ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEIR BEST INTERESTS AND THE INTERESTS OF THOSE THAT EMPLOY THEM
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:45 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

- Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Propaganda Minister
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:46 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
"The Suppression of Truth....

...has long been among the highest priorities for the upper echelons of power and authority. For a minority elite that clings to power by the manipulation of the masses using an omnipresent cocktail of lies, deception, mass-produced ignorance and ingrained propaganda, the destruction of truth is an essential method of control. It is a formula that has worked to unmitigated success for the elite throughout history, whether the shadows of power stretch from ancient pyramids, marble temples, castles, mansions or halls of governance. Those holding the levers of power and control understand, better than most, that the dissemination of truths to a blind majority could spell the end of their reign, for truth brings sight to the blind."

… Manuel Valenzuela
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:47 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
7 things to know about tower 7 Quote

How about:

1. WT7 fell into its own footprint so fast, it only looked like a controlled demolition.

2. Collapsing vertically without any deformation, due to uneven structural distress, demonstrated why the physical laws of gravity are nonsense.

3. Concrete turns to atomic dust during vertical shifts of mass.

4. Heavy debris from vaporized super-towers can destroy steel beams from the bottom up and crushed them from the top down at the same time.

5. Raging fires of office furniture can cause vaporization of serious financial lawsuits, as well as, metals of all compositions and types.

6. WT7 demonstrated unique proof that people in television stations have psychic abilities far above the norm, as they were able to "see" the fall of WT7, before it actually happened.

7. Skyscraper's in New York, are obviously in violation of US building standards of which the "Fall" of WT7 is now incontestable proof that its structural integrity was sub-par at best.

How about a set of cards which have the following on each card:

1. A graphic of that amazing, incredible, never-seen-before indestructable passport, which flew out of the pocket of its carrier, or luggage, at collision time zero, hurled itself free of thousands of pounds of force pressure caused by a compacting 757, not to mention the enclosed space being crushed four ways to its center; only to fly free like a bird through the towering inferno of the structure. itself being pulverized into atomic dust, without any problems at all. But wait, then to cast itself far from the foot-print of the massive unprecedented collapse, to land upon the unblemished sidewalk where it was to be found and identified as belonging to that no good vaporized and crushed madman, to whom it once belonged. Why his very picture said it all. A Florida, "I am a terrorist, bad-ass mother-fucker identification license" which of course can be used in all airports and 7-11's just like a real I.D. only better.

2. If you cannot fly a Cessna try a jumbo-jet instead. All of those gages makes it so simple to fly why an amateur can do it without so much as a single lesson.

3. Box cutters are the most fearsome weapon ever invented for hand-to-hand combat. So lethal is the standard box-cutter even veterans of all military services cower in fear when these weapons are brandished by highly trained terrorists. Not even King-Fu can save you when welded by professionals.

4. Terrorists hate book-keepers so violently they will target them not matter what the circumstances may require. The pentagon attack is a warning to all pentagon investigation accountants they had better watch out or else.

5. If jet-liners were only made out of super-plastic, just like the computers used by the non-accountants working at the Pentagon, they would never vaporize mush less burn during crash landings.

6. When investigating crime scenes destroying evidence is all the proof a court needs to know those bastards are as guilty as sin. Which is WHY none was ever held.

7. Government agents are so good at identifying terrorists, they do not need bodies, passenger flight records, airport security tapes or even passenger ticket purchasing records. Those stupid terrorists, who did they think they were fucking with? Staging a terror attack on the very same day the Vice-president was in charge of a massive pseudo-attack on America's most visible "Icons" of our "freedoms" using state-of-the-art computer technology. Man, that had to be the stupidest thing those posers ever tried to do in their entire dumb-ass lives. Why they never fooled our top guys for a second. Why we just let them think we were doing nothing to stop them even as we pretended not to see them, until it was too late.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:48 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
In his book "Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich", (2005) economic historian Guido Preparata demonstrates how the two World Wars essentially were traps designed by London-based central bankers to destroy Germany as a national entity.

In 1914, "the web was spun and Germany entered it like a great buzzing fly." (24)

Later, the Bank of England created the conditions for Nazism and "devoted herself to supporting financially the Nazis and subsequently arming them to the teeth with the prospect of manipulating them." (xvi)

"This game of Anglo American supremacy came at the cost of approximately 70 million lives (two world wars); a holocaust whose nature is beyond words. Both conflicts were willed and set off by Britain.... there is something far worse than Nazism, and that is the hubris of the Anglo-American fraternities, whose routine is to incite indigenous monsters to war, and steer the pandemonium to further their imperial aims." (xix)

By "fraternities" Preparata, should be referring to lodges. The Masonic "New World Order" is "British" imperialism repackaged. A small degenerate financial elite based in the City of London has always desired to colonize the world. As we have seen < [link to www.savethemales.ca]

Germany never represented a threat, nor does Iran. The purpose of these wars is to destroy the nation state, slaughter the best of humanity, demoralize, dehumanize, and profit. The ultimate goal is a veiled world dictatorship by the central bankers.


Preparata, who has a Ph.D. in Economic History from Southern Cal and teaches at the University of Washington, is not familiar with the Masonic agenda. But he is honest and smart enough to bare its workings.

For example he says nearly all terrorism is state sponsored. "In general the art of terror entails (the state's) underground promotion of a fictitious grouping: say an 'ethnic army of liberation' or a radical militia...[and involving it in] Sabotage either against the state itself or against the targeted enemy...In the first case, a variety of prearranged ends all congruent in point of social control and surveillance, is swiftly implemented...the evanescent Bin Laden and his lieutenants are from start to finish an invention of the CIA." (21)

The goal is war for its own sake. In the second half of the Nineteenth Century, the bankers built up Germany to rival England, in order to have a war. When Germany was not destroyed in 1914-1918, they built up the Weimar Republic. Weimar was entirely dependent on financial transfusions from the UK/US. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 partly was contrived to elect Hitler.

The bankers also used their Communist puppets as a "threat" to ensure that Hitler was elected as "a bulwark against Communism."

Meanwhile, "The attitude of the Communists toward Hitler's moderate opponents remained undeviatingly hostile and destructive.... this aided the Nazis." (190)

Preparata is remarkably clear about the mechanics of the Second World War. IG Farben, the company that supplied Nazi Germany with its war machine was part of Standard Oil. In exchange for the world rights for the synthetic oil process (outside of Germany), in 1929 Standard Oil transferred $35 billion in stock to I.G. Farben. The two companies were also linked by patent and cartel agreements.

Here is a partial list of the proportion of Nazi war materiel supplied by I.G. Farben/Standard Oil: Synthetic rubber (100%); dyestuffs (100%); poison gas (95%) explosives (84%); gun powder (70%); aviation gas (46%) not to mention Zyklon B.

Preparata sheds light on many of the murkier aspects of inter-war history: the betrayal of the White Russians by the Allies; the 1922 Rapalo Agreement where the future pugilists Russia and Germany actually trained in Blitzkrieg tactics together; the careers of such shadowy operatives as Alexander Helphand (Parvus), Walter Rathenau, Trebitsch Lincoln, Hjalmar Schacht, and General Kurt Von Schleicher, who finally tried in vain to stop Hitler.

Preparata reports that Montagu Norman (Governor of the Bank of England ,1920-1944) suffered "sudden fits of melancholy, seizures of despondency so unbearable that his nerves would snap..." He had a tendency to "over dramatize, beguile and bamboozle the whole world." (148)

Unfortunately, Preparata overlooks the most important and most mysterious figure of them all, Max Warburg.

Preparata thinks the Anglo Americans were motivated by a fear that Germany and Russia would unite against them. This was not the real concern. But even if the author doesn't see the big picture, he gets many details right.


For some time I've been saying that the Nazis were created by the Illuminati to seduce and destroy Germany. See "Illuminati Used Appeasement to trick Hitler"
[link to www.savethemales.ca]

and "Illuminati Bankers Hired Hitler to Start World War II" [link to www.savethemales.ca]

A relatively small clique with power to create money holds mankind hostage. Unfortunately its agenda is to destroy and enslave humanity-using war and education/media as its principal instruments.

Therefore, when it comes to war, we can tune out the rhetoric. All wars are against humanity. They are inherent in the organization of society and in the treason of its leadership. Certainly the next one will be aimed at the United States, in much the same way as Germany. The US already has entered the web like a "great buzzing fly."
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:49 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq

Mossad Agent Pearlman Releases Phony "Al-Qaeda Tape"

Adam Pearlman, the Jewish Mossad agent who once wrote stinging essays condemning Muslims as "bloodthirsty terrorists", has once again popped up as an "Al-Qaeda spokesman" to frighten the dwindling number of Americans who still believe Al-Qaeda exists outside of U.S. intelligence circles.

"An American member of al-Qaida warned President Bush on Tuesday to end U.S. involvement in all Muslim lands or face an attack worse than the Sept. 11 suicide assault, according to a new videotape."

"Wearing a white robe and a turban, Adam Yehiye Gadahn, who also goes by the name Azzam al-Amriki, said al-Qaida would not negotiate on its demands," reports the Associated Press.

Who is the mysterious Adam Yehiye Gadahn?


The FBI lists Gadahn's aliases as Abu Suhayb Al-Amriki, Abu Suhayb, Yihya Majadin Adams, Adam Pearlman, and Yayah.

Adam Pearlman is his real name and his grandfather is none other than the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl was also a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on Americans for Israel in 1993. Mike Rivero has the scoop at WhatReallyHappened.com.

Israel's Mossad intelligence agency was caught in 2002 creating a phony Al-Qaeda group to justify attacks on Palestinians.

Pearlman has a knack of releasing his tapes at the most politically opportune time for Bush, having first burst onto the scene shortly before the 2004 presidential election and then again right after Katrina when the President's approval rating was tanking fast.

Even more mainstream publications, like the Los Angeles City Beat, have dismissed Pearlman before as nothing more than "cartoonish propaganda."

Pearlman had a hippy upbringing, a brief but intense flirtation with death metal and before a sudden transformation, once referred to Muslims as “bloodthirsty, barbaric terrorists.” Pearlman was a hardcore Jewish Zionist and wrote essays and screeds bashing the Muslim faith. He even got into fights at mosques and beat up Muslim worshippers.

Pearlman, the hardcore Jewish Zionist who trashed Muslims and beat them up, grows a beard and suddenly becomes an "Al-Qaeda spokesman" - nothing suspicious here, move along!

Pearlman's personal history and the highly suspicious nature in which he suddenly professed his conversion to Islam in a single Internet posting and later appeared on the scene as a spokesman for "Al-Qaeda" are all the ingredients needed to draw the conclusion that Pearlman is working as a double agent and most likely for Mossad.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:49 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
Lucky Larry Silverstein: Asbestos Arson Landlord.

1977 - WTC 1 and 2 galvanic corrosion problems are discovered. A solution is sought for 10 years.

1987 May 9 or June 9 - WTC 1 and 2 exterior cast aluminum WTC panels had been directly connected to the steel superstructure of the building, thus causing galvanic corrosion problems that are exposed to T. S. Gordon, and both Mayor Giuiliani's Office and the New York Port Authority allegedly received an order for the buildings to be completely dismantled by 2007 before the aluminum exterior starts falling from the buildings and the floors they support collapse.

1989 - Plans were made to erect scaffolding and disassemble the WTC towers and rebuild them. The project architect said that the $5.6 billion "take it down, rebuild it" project ("the Bridgeways Project") was canceled, and in about "10-12 years" they would "blow it up and start over".

1996 to 2001 - False Flag 11 preparation - WTC wired for demolition: Securacom got a $8.3 million contract to install a new WTC security system from 1996 to 2000 (extended through 2001). As early as 1993 it may have been decided that the corrosion and asbestos problems of the WTC towers could not be cost-effectively repaired, and that the buildings must be demolished, so Securacom may have been contracted to wire the buildings for demolition in lieu of or in addition to security in order to safely destroy buildings that were not economically viable without significantly damaging adjacent buildings.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:50 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
for further information please read:

-'9/11 Synthetic Terror' by Webster Griffin Tarpley.

-'The New Pearl Harbor'

'The 9/11 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions'

'9/11 Contradictions' and 'Debunking 9/11 Debunking' all by David Ray Griffin.

- 'The Host And The Parasite' by Greg Felton.

- 'The Road To 9/11' by Peter Dale Scott.

- 'Crossing The Rubicon' by Mike Ruppert.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:51 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
It doesn't take that many people to pull 9/11 off. All you need are a few at the top, once orders are given unwitting participants carry them out. Once they realize the truth of the matter what would be their recourse? After realizing that your own government was capable of murdering 3,000 of its own people in broad day-light, and getting away with it, would you than speak out, or realize you too would be dead if you did? To whom would you complain? Higher-ups? Hardly, they gave the orders. Media? Our media is now a branch of this corrupt government. And speaking from the shadows gets you no where. Besides there have been hundreds that have spoken, their words have not been heard by anyone but those who have researched.

Secondly, Osama bin Laden is not and has never been on FBI Wanted List for 9/11 for lack of evidence. bin Laden himself came out right after and said he had nothing to do with it. Tapes showing him supposedly confessing to 9/11 are obviously faked. In one tape the alleged bin Laden uses his right-hand to write when bin Laden is left-handed.

Cell-phone calls that were made are impossible to make at 30,000 feet, yet we're suppose to believe they were made?

Where's the plane at the Pentagon? How does a commercial plane vanish into a 16' hole? Where is the wing damage? Where are the engines, seats, luggage, bodies, where is the plane?

All 4 black-boxes were never found. How can this be? We have fished planes out of oceans and found black-boxes, seen planes fly full speed into mountains and there was wreckage, where is the wreckage of any of these planes? How does an aluminum plane penetrate 6 concrete steel enforced walls?

There were at least 80 security cameras that could have shown a plane hitting Pentagon, why did FBI confiscate all cameras? Did you know bush's brother owned security companies for Twin Towers and airports planes were supposedly hi-jacked from?

Can one explain the put-options made on AA many times higher than normal day before attack? Why did bush fight tooth & nail not to even have an investigation and when he finally was forced to controlled the whole investigation?

There are thousands of un-answered questions about 9/11, far too many to go into here. Do your own research and make your own conclusions.

But I will ask this, if bush&co have repeatable lied about everything they've done, why should anyone take everything they say about 9/11 as gospel? And who would you rather believe testimony from professional firemen who where there or politicians who were not? I don't know what happened on 9/11, but I do know this - whatever bush&co has told us about 9/11 is a lie.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:52 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
There was a very disputable grainy video supposedly found in a house in Afghanistan by US troops, with a very different looking Osama Bin Laden.

If Al Qaeda did admit responsibility it wouldn't change my mind at all, the evidence for explosives is too overwhelming. Also, Al Quaeda has previously been funded by the CIA, and the Bin Ladens and Bush's have very close relationships.

I don't know if OBL is dead or alive, or if he is an agent or genuine adversary of America. but I do know he is irrelevant to 9/11 because the Towers and WTC 7 were bought down with demolition charges, and there is no way that could have been organised from a cave in Afghanistan.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:53 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
So many secret societies are involved which have sworn secrecy (Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Bohemian Club, CFR, etc....) and are installed in these places of power throughout the govt. Secondly, Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA and Bin Laden is actually one of their "assets". All these can be confirmed by extensive research. I started by investigating the facts of the JFK assasination and came full circle to 911. They are all intertwined and it is very deep. The Federal Reserve (a private corporation) is at the heart of it!
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:54 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
The use of the term "conspiracy theory", or its more derogatory variations, is a very effective way of avoiding discussion. By definition, a conspiracy is a secret plan made by a group to do something wrong. Therefore, it can be easily argued that we are all "conspiracy theorists" regarding 9-11, with the key point of difference being whether it was a simple conspiracy performed by a group of Islamic fanatics, or a more complex conspiracy as suggested by the evidence that Hereward has summarised.

Furthermore, we see illogical attempts to lump together people who question the official version of 9-11 with others who espouse completely unrelated outlandish ideas. Rather than making futile attempts to show guilt by association, I would ask you: how much have you really studied the evidence, and thought about it for yourself?

Rather than try to explain away the WTC7 collapse, for example, by abysmal construction standards, what can you offer as another explanation to controlled demolition? How could the Pentagon - the most heavily defended building in the world - have been struck at all,let alone by an alleged hijacker who could barely fly a single engine plane? How could the passport of another alleged hijacker miraculously survive the destruction of a plane, its occupants, and one of the towers? How could there be no fighter jet response? How could the twin towers be so totally destroyed at virually free-fall speed through the path of maximum resistance, the concrete pulverised, steel beams thrown out 150 metres to the side, and molten metal produced?

It's reasonable to ask how could this be done by elements within the American government (a shocking thought, to be sure) - however, we should not let such possibilities stop us from examining the evidence for ourselves, and following where that may lead. Also, we cannot know for sure who the true perpetrators are without a complete, independent judicial investigation.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:54 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
I agree totally Leah, but the possibility of salvation from our current pathocratic system of global misrule, that is rule by psychopaths, is, I'm afraid, next to nil. The psychopaths have created a World Order, known euphemistically as Free Market Capitalism, that suits their interests and entrenches their dominance, they hope forever. It reflects their characters, defined as they are by amoral pursuit of power and wealth, indifference to the fate of others, absence of empathy and no scruples in lying, cheating or killing. Just how we get them out of power before they destroy us all, and the hour is very, very late, is the most crucial question, in my opinion, facing our species.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:56 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
The Constitution of a Man's Heart between himself and his Creator is inviolate, beyond the reach of stones, bricks and edicts on parchment.

When a government becomes an abomination, unto its people and having become as such, like a Beast it will swear and curse those who uphold the Truth; NO man is a slave to that which is evil, has no Conscience and has no Heart from which to Speak. The Living do not take Dictates from the Dead, nor are they beholden to their Servants, who seek only to bloody the Earth with mindless destruction.

A man does not need to seek out the permissions of his servants to do what is Just and Right to correct the defects of those who trespass upon the unalienable Rights of all Living Men. The Constitution is to constrain the inevitable rise of power in those who seek out its positions for personal gain and to use the might of the Nation they presumptively lead, to further the goals of themselves and those that seek to profit from death and destruction upon all the rest. The Constitution is not our cage it is theirs!

Having nearly unlocked themselves from the binding laws of restraint, Bush and the rest of these Skull&Bone death cultist's, are setting themselves up to be beyond the reach of the people to whom they only pretend to govern. None of these parasites has a legal leg to stand on, which only proves they already have taken what was never their's to begin with and they are not about to stop until they have reached the goal itself: bedlam and chaos. Only then can the "order" they speak of in such glowing terms, be brought into full force, especially over those who they know are against them.

There is no shortage of linen-Cotton fictions of debt Notes. There is no shortage of electrons to be stored in ever greater sums in a ever larger super-computer data base. The only thing that is scarce in Washington and on Wall Street is genuine Honesty. Too bad no banker on Earth recognizes the Truth of that Currency, or the Wellspring of Goodness from which it streams.

Let them Reap what they have Sown... keep your Constitution pure and in Truth and have no Fear at all.

They are Dead-men walking.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:56 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
If you give up a little bit of Freedom for Liberty, you deserve neither Freedom or Liberty.
- Ben Franklin.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:57 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
When the Government is scared of the people, you have Liberty, if the people are frightened of their Government you have tyranny.
- Ben Franklin
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1226889
01/12/2011 08:57 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
If anyone is interested, I would read Capt. John Lear's take on that day. He knows what he is talking about...

Jerry V. Leaphart #jl4468
Jerry V. Leaphart & Assoc., P.C.
8 West Street, Suite 203
Danbury, CT 06810
(203) 825-6265 – phone
(203) 825-6256 – fax
DR. MORGAN REYNOLDS, on behalf of :
The United States of America :
Plaintiff, : ECF CASE
vs. :
: 07 CIV 4612 (GBD)
: January 28, 2008
Defendants. :
JOHN LEAR, of full age, being duly sworn, deposes and says:
1. I am 65 years of age, a retired airline captain and former CIA pilot with over 19,000 hours of flight time, over 11,000 of which are in command of 3 or 4 engine jet transports, have flown over 100 different types

Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 1 of 16
of aircraft in 60 different countries around the world. I retired in 2001 after 40 years of flying.
2. I am the son of Learjet inventor, Bill Lear, and hold more FAA airman certificates than any other FAA certificated airman. These include the Airline Transport Pilot certificate with 23 type ratings, Flight Instructor, Flight Engineer, Flight Navigator, Ground Instructor, Aircraft Dispatcher, Control Tower Operator and Parachute Rigger.
3. I flew secret missions for the CIA in Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa between 1967 and 1983.
4. During the last 17 years of my career I worked for several passenger and cargo airlines as Captain, Check Airman and Instructor. I was certificated by the FAA as a North Atlantic (MNPS) Check Airman. I have extensive experience as command pilot and instructor in the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and Lockheed L-1011.
5. I checked out as Captain on a Boeing 707 in 1973 and Captain on the Lockheed L-1011 in 1985.
6. I hold 17 world records including Speed Around the World in a Lear Jet Model 24 set in 1966 and was presented the PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Controller's Association) award for Outstanding Airmanship in 1968. I am a Senior Vice-Commander of the China Post 1, the American

2 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 2 of 16
Legions Post for “Soldiers of Fortune”, a 24 year member of the Special Operations Association and member of Pilotfor911truth.org.
7. I have 4 daughters, 3 grandchildren and live with my wife of 37 years, Las Vegas business woman Marilee Lear in Las Vegas, Nevada.
8. No Boeing 767 airliners hit the Twin Towers as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors. Such crashes did not occur because they are physically impossible as depicted for the following reasons:
A. In the case of UAL 175 going into the south tower, a real Boeing 767 would have begun 'telescoping' when the nose hit the 14 inch steel columns which are 39 inches on center. The vertical and horizontal tail would have instantaneously separated from the aircraft, hit the steel box columns and fallen to the ground.
B. The engines when impacting the steel columns would have maintained their general shape and either fallen to the ground or been recovered in the debris of the collapsed building. One alleged engine part was found on Murray Street but there should be three other engine cores weighing over 9000 pounds each. Normal operating temperatures for these engines are 650°C so they could not possibly have burned up. This is a photo of a similar sized engine from a McDonnell-Douglas MD-11 which impacted the ocean at a high rate of speed. You can see that the engine remains generally intact.(photo, [link to www.cbsnews.com]

3 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 3 of 16
C. When and if the nose of an airplane came in contact with the buildings 14 inch by 14 inch steel box columns and then, 37 feet beyond, the steel box columns of the building core the momentum of the wings would have slowed drastically depriving them of the energy to penetrate the exterior steel box columns. The spars of the wing, which extend outward, could not possibly have penetrated the 14 inch by 14 inch steel box columns placed 39 inches on center and would have crashed to the ground.
D. The argument that the energy of the mass of the Boeing 767 at a speed of 540 mph fails because:
a. No Boeing 767 could attain that speed at 1000 feet
above sea level because of parasite drag which doubles with velocity and parasite power which cubes with velocity.
b. The fan portion of the engine is not designed to accept
the volume of dense air at that altitude and speed.
E. The piece of alleged external fuselage containing 3 or 4 window cutouts is inconsistent with an airplane that hit 14 inch steel box columns, placed 39 inches in center, at over 500 mph. This
4 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 4 of 16
fuselage section would be telescopically crumpled had it actually penetrated the building as depicted in the CNN video. It is impossible for it to have then re-emerged from the building and then fallen intact and unburned as depicted.
F. The Purdue video fails because no significant part of the Boeing 767 or engine thereon could have penetrated the 14 inch steel columns and 37 feet beyond the massive core of the tower without part of it falling to the ground. The Purdue video misrepresents the construction of the core of the building and depicts unidentified parts of the airplane snapping the core columns which were 12"x36". The Purdue video also misrepresents what would happen to the tail when the alleged fuselage contacted the core. The tail would instantaneously separate from the empennage (aft fuselage). Further, the Purdue video misrepresents, indeed it fails to show, the wing box or center section of the wing in the collision with the core. The wing box is a very strong unit designed to hold the wings together and is an integral portion of the fuselage. The wing box is designed to help distribute the loads of the wings up-and-down flexing in flight.

5 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 5 of 16
G. My analysis of the alleged cutout made by the Boeing 767 shows that many of the 14-inch exterior steel box columns which are shown as severed horizontally, do not match up with the position of the wings. Further, several of the columns through which the horizontal tail allegedly disappeared are not severed or broken. In addition, the wing tips of the Boeing 767 being of less robust construction than the inner portions of the wings could not possibly have made the cookie-cutter pattern as shown in the aftermath photos. The wing tips would have been stopped by the 14 inch steel box columns and fallen to the ground.
H. The debris of the Boeing 767, as found after the
collapse, was not consistent with actual debris had there really been a
crash. Massive forgings, spars from both the wing and horizontal and vertical stabilizers, landing gear retract cylinders, landing gear struts, hydraulic reservoirs and bogeys oxygen bottles, a massive keel beam, bulkheads and the wing box itself cold not possibly have 'evaporated' even in a high intensity fire. The debris of the collapse should have contained massive sections of the Boeing 767, including 3 engine cores weighing approximately 9000 pounds apiece which could not have been hidden. Yet there is no evidence of any of these massive structural components from either 767 at the WTC. Such complete disappearance of 767s is impossible.
9. My opinion, based on extensive flight experience both as captain and instructor in large 3 and 4 engine aircraft is that it would have been impossible for an alleged hijacker with little or no time in the Boeing 767 to have taken over, then flown a Boeing 767 at high speed, descending to below 1000 feet above mean sea level and flown a course to impact the twin towers at high speed for these reasons:

6 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 6 of 16
A. As soon as the alleged hijackers sat in the pilots seat of the Boeing 767 they would be looking at an EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrumentation System) display panel comprised of six large multi-mode LCDs interspersed with clusters of 'hard' instruments. These displays process the raw aircraft system and flight data into an integrated picture of the aircraft situation, position and progress, not only in the horizontal and vertical dimensions, but also with regard to time and speed as well.
Had they murdered the pilot with a box knife as alleged there would be blood all over the seat, the controls, the center pedestal, the instrument panel and floor of the cockpit. The hijacker would have had to remove the dead pilot from his seat which means he would have had electrically or manually place the seat in its rearmost position and then lifted the murdered pilot from his seat, further distributing blood, making the controls including the throttles wet, sticky and difficult to hold onto.
Even on a clear day a novice pilot would be wholly incapable of taking control and turning a Boeing 767 towards New York because of his total lack of experience and situational awareness under these conditions. The alleged hijackers were not 'instrument rated' and controlled high altitude flight requires experience in constantly referring to and cross-checking attitude, altitude and speed instruments. Using the distant horizon to fly 'visually' under controlled conditions is virtually impossible particularly at the cruising speed of the Boeing 767 of .80 Mach.
The alleged 'controlled' descent into New York on a relatively straight course by a novice pilot in unlikely in the extreme because of the difficulty of controlling heading, descent rate and descent speed within the parameters of 'controlled' flight.
Its takes a highly skilled pilot to interpret the "EFIS" (Electronic Flight Instrument Display) display, with which none of the hijacker pilots would have been familiar or received training on, and use his controls, including the ailerons, rudder, elevators, spoilers and throttles to effect, control and maintain a descent. The Boeing 767 does not fly itself nor does it automatically correct any misuse of the controls.

7 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 7 of 16
B. As soon as the speed of the aircraft went above 360 knots (=414 mph) indicated airspeed a "clacker" would have sounded in the cockpit. The 'clacker' is a loud clacking sound, designed to be irritating, to instantly get the attention of the pilot that he is exceeding the FAA-authorized speed of the aircraft. The clacker had no circuit breaker on September 11, 2001 although it does now simply because one or more accidents were caused, in part, by the inability to silence the clacker which made decision, tempered with reasoning, impossible because of the noise and distraction.
C. Assuming, however, that the alleged hijacker was able to navigate into a position to approach the WTC tower at a speed of approximately 790 feet per second the alleged hijacker would have about 67 seconds to navigate the last 10 miles. During that 67 seconds the pilot would have to line up perfectly with a 208 ft. wide target (the tower) and stay lined up with the clacker clacking plus the tremendous air noise against the windshield and the bucking bronco-like airplane, exceeding the Boeing 767 maximum stability limits and encountering early morning turbulence caused by rising irregular currents of air.
He would also have to control his altitude with a high degree of
precision and at the alleged speeds would be extremely difficult.
In addition to this the control, although hydraulically boosted, would be very stiff. Just the slightest control movements would have sent the airplane up or down at thousands of feet a minute. To propose that an alleged hijacker with limited experience could get a Boeing 767 lined up with a 208 foot wide target and keep it lined up and hold his altitude at exactly 800 feet while being aurally bombarded with the clacker is beyond the realm of possibility. [NIST claims a descent from horizontal angle of 10.6 degrees for AA11 at impact and 6 degrees for UA175; see page 276 of 462 in NCSTAR 1-2].
That an alleged hijacker could overcome all of these difficulties and hit a 208 foot wide building dead center at the north tower and 23 feet east of dead center at the south tower is simply not possible. At the peak of my proficiency as a pilot I know that I could not have done it on the first pass. And for two alleged hijackers, with limited

8 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 8 of 16
experience to have hit the twin towers dead center on September 11, 2001 is total fiction. It could not happen.
10. No Boeing 767 airliner(s) exceeded 500 mph in level flight at approximately 1000 feet on 9/11 as fraudulently alleged by the government, media, NIST and its contractors because they are incapable of such speeds at low altitude.
11. One of the critical issues of the 'impossible' speeds of the aircraft hitting the World Trade Center Towers alleged by NIST as 443 mph (385 kts. M.6, American Airlines Flight 11) and 542 mph (470 kts. M.75, United Airlines 175) is that the VD or dive velocity of the Boeing 767 as certificated by the Federal Aviation under 14 CFR Part 25 Airworthiness Standards; Transport Category Transports of 420 kts CAS (Calibrated Air Speed) makes these speeds achievable. This is unlikely.
12. The 'Dive Velocity' VD is 420 knots CAS (calibrated airspeed)(483 mph). Some allege that this speed, 420 knots (483 mph) is near enough to the NIST alleged speeds that the NIST speeds 443 (385 kts.) mph and 542 mph (471 kts.), could have been flown by the alleged hijackers and are probably correct.

9 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 9 of 16
13. In fact VD of 420 knots (483 mph) is a speed that is a maximum for certification under 14 CFR Part 25.253 High Speed Characteristics and has not only not necessarily been achieved but is far above VFC (390 kts. 450 mph) which is the maximum speed at which stability characteristics must be demonstrated.(14 CFR 25.253 (b).
14. What this means is not only was VD not necessarily achieved but even if it was, it was achieved in a DIVE demonstrating controllability considerably above VFC which is the maximum speed under which stability characteristics must be demonstrated. Further, that as the alleged speed is considerably above VFC for which stability characteristics must be met, a hijacker who is not an experienced test pilot would have considerable difficulty in controlling the airplane, similar to flying a bucking bronco, much less hitting a 208 foot target dead center, at 800 feet altitude (above mean sea level) at the alleged speed.
15. Now to determine whether or not a Boeing 757 or Boeing 767 could even attain 540 miles per hour at 800 feet we have to first consider what the drag versus the power ratio is.
Drag is the effect of the air pushing against the frontal areas of the fuselage and wing and horizontal and vertical stabilizers. Drag also includes the friction that is a result of the air flowing over these surfaces. If there was no drag you could go very fast. But we do have drag and there are 2 types: induced and parasite. Assume we are going

10 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 10 of 16
really fast as NIST and the defendants claim, then we don't have to consider induced drag because induced drag is caused by lift and varies inversely as the square of the airspeed. What this means is the faster you go the lower the induced drag.
What we do have to consider is parasite drag. Parasite drag is any drag produced that is not induced drag. Parasite drag is technically called 'form and friction' drag. It includes the air pushing against the entire airplane including the engines, as the engines try to push the entire airplane through the air.
16. We have two other things to consider: induced power and
parasite power.
Induced power varies inversely with velocity so we don't have to consider that because we are already going fast by assumption and it varies inversely.
Parasite power however varies as the cube of the velocity which
means to double the speed you have to cube or have three times the power.
17. So taking these four factors into consideration we are only concerned with two: parasite power and parasite drag, and if all other factors are constant, and you are level at 800 feet and making no turns, the parasite drag varies with the square of the velocity but parasite power varies as the cube of the velocity.
What this means is at double the speed, drag doubles and the power required to maintain such speed, triples.
The airspeed limitation for the Boeing 767 below approximately 23,000 feet is 360 kts [414 mph] or what they call VMO (velocity maximum operating).

11 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 11 of 16
That means that the maximum permissible speed of the Boeing 767 below 23,000 feet is 360 knots and it is safe to operate the airplane at that speed but not faster.
18. While the Boeing 767 can fly faster and has been flown faster during flight test it is only done so within carefully planned flight test programs. We can safely infer that most commercial 767 pilots have never exceeded 360 knots indicated air speed below 23,000 feet.
19. The alleged NIST speed of 443 mph (385 kts,) for American Airlines Flight 11 would be technically achievable. However the NIST speed of 542 mph (470 kts) for United Airlines Flight 175 which is 50 kts. above VD is not commensurate with and/or possible considering:
(1) the power available,* **
(2) parasite drag (NAVAIR 00-80T-80 Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators
(3) parasite power (NAVAIR 00-80T-80 Aerodynamics for Naval Aviators
(4) the controllability by a pilot with limited experience. 14 CFR Part 25.253 (a)(b)
* [link to www.ntsb.gov]
** [link to www.content.airbusworld.com]
20. Therefore the speed of the aircraft, that hit the World Trade Center, as represented by NIST, particularly that of United Airlines Flight 175 is fraudulent and could not have occurred.

12 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 12 of 16
21. One more consideration is the impossibility of the PW4062 turbofan engines to operate in dense air at sea level altitude at high speed.
The Boeing 767 was designed to fly at high altitudes at a maximum Mach of .86 or 86/100ths the speed of sound. This maximum speed is called MMO, (Maximum Mach Operating). Its normal cruise speed, however, is Mach .80 (about 530 mph) or less, for better fuel economy. (The speed of sound at 35,000 feet is 663 mph so 530 mph is Mach .7998 see [link to www.grc.nasa.gov]
The fan tip diameter of the PW4062 which powered UAL 175 was 94 inches, over 7 feet in diameter making it, essentially a huge propeller.
This huge fan compresses enormous amount of air during takeoff to produce the thrust necessary to get the airplane off of the ground and into the air.
At high altitudes, in cruise, where the air is much thinner and where the engines are designed to fly at most of the time, the fan and turbine sections are designed to efficiently accept enormous amounts of this thin air and produce an enormous amount of thrust.
But at low altitudes, in much denser air, such as one thousand feet, where the air is over 3x as dense as at 35,000 feet, going much faster than Vmo or 360 knots, the air is going to start jamming up in the engine simply because a turbofan engine is not designed to take the enormous quantities of dense air at high speed, low altitude flight. Because of the much denser air the fan blades will be jammed with so much air they will start cavitating or choking causing the engines to start spitting air back out the front. The turbofan tip diameter is over 7 feet; it simply cannot accept that much dense air, at that rate, because they aren't designed to.
So achieving an airspeed much over its Vmo which is 360 knots isn't going to be possible coupled with the fact that because the parasite drag increases as the square of the speed and the power

13 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 13 of 16
required increases as the cube of the speed you are not going to be able to get the speed with the thrust (power) available.
It can be argued that modern aerodynamic principles hold that if an aircraft can fly at 35,000 ft altitude at 540 mph (~Mach 0.8), and for a given speed, both engine thrust and airframe drag vary approximately in proportion to air density (altitude), that the engine can produce enough thrust to fly 540 mph at 800 ft. altitude.
That argument fails because although the engine might be theoretically capable of producing that amount of thrust, the real question is can that amount of thrust be extracted from it at 540 mph at 800 ft.
22, To propose that a Boeing 767 airliner exceeded its designed limit speed of 360 knots by 127 mph to fly through the air at 540 mph is simply not possible. It is not possible because of the thrust required and it's not possible because of the engine fan design which precludes accepting the amount of dense air being forced into it.
23. I am informed that the lawsuit for which this affidavit is intended is in its preliminary, pre-discovery phase. I am further informed that actual eyewitness statements cast considerable doubt on the jetliner crash claims, irrespective of the media-driven impression that there were lots of witnesses. In fact, the witnesses tend, on balance, to confirm there were no jetliner crashes. I am also informed that information that will enable further refinement of the issues addressed in this affidavit will be forthcoming in discovery including, without limitation, the opportunity to

14 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 14 of 16
take depositions and to request relevant documentation (additional information). When that additional information is obtained, I will then be in a position to offer such other and further opinions as, upon analysis, that additional information will mandate.
24. At this stage, it cannot properly be assumed, much less asserted
as factual, that wide-body jetliners crashed into the then Twin Towers of the WTC. Any declaration that such events occurred must be deemed false and fraudulently asserted, video images notwithstanding.
1. On any chart plotting velocity versus either drag or thrust required or power required the parasite value rises sharply after 300 kts,
2. On any chart plotting velocity versus thrust or power required the curves rises sharply after 250 kts.
3. On any chart plotting velocity versus thrust required at sea level, the curve rises dramatically above 200 kts as does the curve for power required.
I swear the above statements to be true to the best of my knowledge.
_/s/ John Olsen Lear___________
John Olsen Lear
1414 N. Hollywood Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89110-2006
Subscribed and Sworn to before
me this 24 day of January 2008.
/s/ Connie Jones______________
Notary Public/Appt Exp. 11/22/09
Certificate #94-2650-1

15 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 15 of 16
This is the page for the Boeing 767-200 Type Data Certificate information from which was used in this affidavit:
<rgl.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_library/rgMakeMode l.nsf/0/15302e51a401f11a8625718b00658962/$FILE/A1NM.pdf >.
This is the page that shows how dive tests are conducted:
[link to www.flightsimaviation.com]
This is the page for the type data certificate for the engines used on UAL175
[link to www.content.airbusworld.com]
This is the page that shows the type of engine used on the MD-11 that crashed into the ocean. (photo attached)
[link to www.bst.gc.ca]

16 Case 1:07-cv-04612-GBD Document 94 Filed 01/28/2008 Page 16 of 16
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 08:58 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
Romans Chapter 13 By Chuck Baldwin

August 10, 2007

This column is archived at
[link to www.chuckbaldwinlive.com]

It seems that every time someone such as myself attempts to encourage
our Christian brothers and sisters to resist an unconstitutional or
otherwise reprehensible government policy, we hear the retort, "What
about Romans Chapter 13? We Christians must submit to government. Any
government. Read your Bible, and leave me alone." Or words to that

No doubt, some who use this argument are sincere. They are only
repeating what they have heard their pastor and other religious
leaders say. On the other hand, let's be honest enough to admit that
some who use this argument are just plain lazy, apathetic, and
indifferent. And Romans 13 is their escape from responsibility. I
suspect this is the much larger group, by the way.

Nevertheless, for the benefit of those who are sincere (but obviously
misinformed), let's briefly examine Romans Chapter 13. I quote Romans
Chapter 13, verses 1 through 7, from the Authorized King James text:

"Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no
power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever
therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and
they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are
not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be
afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise
of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if
thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in
vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon
him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for
wrath, but also for conscience sake. For this cause pay ye tribute
also: for they are God's ministers, attending continually upon this
very thing. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom
tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to
whom honor."

Do our Christian friends who use these verses to teach that we should
not oppose President Bush or any other political leader really believe
that civil magistrates have unlimited authority to do anything they
want without opposition? I doubt whether they truly believe that.

For example, what if our President decided to resurrect the old
monarchal custom of Jus Primae Noctis (Law of First Night)? That was
the old medieval custom when the king claimed the right to sleep with
a subject's bride on the first night of their marriage. Would our
sincere Christian brethren sheepishly say, "Romans Chapter 13 says we
must submit to the government"? I think not. And would any of us
respect any man who would submit to such a law?

So, there are limits to authority. A father has authority in his home,
but does this give him power to abuse his wife and children? Of course
not. An employer has authority on the job, but does this give him
power to control the private lives of his employees? No. A pastor has
overseer authority in the church, but does this give him power to tell
employers in his church how to run their businesses? Of course not.
All human authority is limited in nature. No man has unlimited
authority over the lives of other men. (Lordship and Sovereignty is
the exclusive domain of Jesus Christ.)

By the same token, a civil magistrate has authority in civil matters,
but his authority is limited and defined. Observe that Romans Chapter
13 clearly limits the authority of civil government by strictly
defining its purpose: "For rulers are not a terror to good works, but
to the evil . . . For he is the minister of God to thee for good . . .
for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him
that doeth evil."

Notice that civil government must not be a "terror to good works." It
has no power or authority to terrorize good works or good people. God
never gave it that authority. And any government that oversteps that
divine boundary has no divine authority or protection.

Civil government is a "minister of God to thee for good." It is a not
a minister of God for evil. Civil magistrates have a divine duty to
"execute wrath upon him that doeth evil." They have no authority to
execute wrath upon him that doeth good. None. Zilch. Zero. And anyone
who says they do is lying. So, even in the midst of telling Christians
to submit to civil authority, Romans Chapter 13 limits the power and
reach of civil authority.

Did Moses violate God's principle of submission to authority when he
killed the Egyptian taskmaster in defense of his fellow Hebrew? Did
Elijah violate God's principle of submission to authority when he
openly challenged Ahab and Jezebel? Did David violate God's principle
of submission to authority when he refused to surrender to Saul's
troops? Did Daniel violate God's principle of submission to authority
when he disobeyed the king's law to not pray audibly to God? Did the
three Hebrew children violate God's principle of submission to
authority when they refused to bow to the image of the state? Did John
the Baptist violate God's principle of submission to authority when he
publicly scolded King Herod for his infidelity? Did Simon Peter and
the other Apostles violate God's principle of submission to authority
when they refused to stop preaching on the streets of Jerusalem? Did
Paul violate God's principle of submission to authority when he
refused to obey those authorities who demanded that he abandon his
missionary work? In fact, Paul spent almost as much time in jail as he
did out of jail.

Remember that every apostle of Christ (except John) was killed by
hostile civil authorities opposed to their endeavors. Christians
throughout church history were imprisoned, tortured, or killed by
civil authorities of all stripes for refusing to submit to their
various laws and prohibitions. Did all of these Christian martyrs
violate God's principle of submission to authority?

So, even the great prophets, apostles, and writers of the Bible
(including the writer of Romans Chapter 13) understood that human
authority--even civil authority--is limited.

Plus, Paul makes it clear that our submission to civil authority must
be predicated on more than fear of governmental retaliation. Notice,
he said, "Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but
also for conscience sake." Meaning, our obedience to civil authority
is more than just "because they said so." It is also a matter of
conscience. This means we must think and reason for ourselves
regarding the justness and rightness of our government's laws.
Obedience is not automatic or robotic. It is a result of both rational
deliberation and moral approbation.

Therefore, there are times when civil authority may need to be
resisted. Either governmental abuse of power or the violation of
conscience (or both) could precipitate civil disobedience. Of course,
how and when we decide to resist civil authority is an entirely
separate issue. And I will reserve that discussion for another time.

Beyond that, we in the United States of America do not live under a
monarchy. We have no king. There is no single governing official in
this country. America's "supreme Law" does not rest with any man or
any group of men. America's "supreme Law" does not rest with the
President, the Congress, or even the Supreme Court. In America, the
U.S. Constitution is the "supreme Law of the Land." Under our laws,
every governing official publicly promises to submit to the
Constitution of the United States. Do readers understand the
significance of this distinction? I hope so.

This means that in America the "higher powers" are not the men who
occupy elected office, they are the tenets and principles set forth in
the U.S. Constitution. Under our laws and form of government, it is
the duty of every citizen, including our elected officials, to obey
the U.S. Constitution. Therefore, this is how Romans Chapter 13 reads
to Americans:

"Let every soul be subject unto the [U.S. Constitution.] For there is
no [Constitution] but of God: the [Constitution] that be [is] ordained
of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the [Constitution], resisteth
the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves
damnation. For [the Constitution is] not a terror to good works, but
to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the [Constitution]? do
that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: For [the
Constitution] is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do
that which is evil, be afraid; for [the Constitution] beareth not the
sword in vain: for [the Constitution] is the minister of God, a
revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. Wherefore ye must
needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.
For this cause pay ye tribute also: for [the Constitution is] God's
minister, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore
to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom
custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor."

Dear Christian friend, the above is exactly the proper understanding
of our responsibility to civil authority in these United States, as
per the teaching of Romans Chapter 13.

Furthermore, Christians, above all people, should desire that their
elected representatives submit to the Constitution, because it is
constitutional government that has done more to protect Christian
liberty than any governing document ever devised by man. As I have
noted before in this column (See:
[link to www.chuckbaldwinlive.com]
Biblical principles form the foundation of all three of America's
founding documents: The Declaration of Independence, The U.S.
Constitution, and The Bill of Rights.

As a result, Christians in America (for the most part) have not had to
face the painful decision to "obey God rather than men" and defy their
civil authorities.

The problem in America today is that we have allowed our political
leaders to violate their oaths of office and to ignore, and blatantly
disobey, the "supreme Law of the Land," the U.S. Constitution.
Therefore, if we truly believe Romans Chapter 13, we will insist and
demand that our civil magistrates submit to the U.S. Constitution.

Now, how many of us Christians are going to truly obey Romans Chapter

(c) Chuck Baldwin
Anonymous Coward
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
I understand that people are afraid to face the fact that 9/11 and the anthrax attacks were inside jobs, because that would be painful. It would challenge their assumptions of benign father figures running our government, and would mean that there is no Santa Claus and governments sometimes do horrible things to their own people to justify power-grabs. (Despite my sarcasm, I actually try to sympathize with people who are locked in a prison of fear).

But if Americans had gotten a spine a couple of years ago and had the courage to deal with reality, we could have thrown the bums behind these false flag attacks out on their ears (and into jail), held a truth and reconciliation commission, appointed honest leaders, gone through the healing process, and gotten back on track towards the effort to try to make real what the Founding Fathers wrote about in the Constitution.

Instead, due to Americans' pain-avoidance efforts in trying to deny reality in order to avoid unpleasant truths, things have gotten worse, freedoms have been abused, new wars been planned, and fascism has become more entrenched.

When the Ostrich buries its head in the sand, it only encourages an attack by predators. By trying to avoid looking at the truth, Americans have only delayed the inevitable. Instead of avoiding pain, all we have done is allowed the cancer to spread.
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:01 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
Well said, and the sooner people are able to look in the mirror and look at the reflection of this reality of the corruption is the sooner the fascist oligarchy will no longer have a government that serves it through the K street lobbyists, but the people as written of in the Constitution.

It seems the police state veered its head that even the liberals are starting to see the corruption and its ramifications and the awareness of "false flag" terrorism has reached a boiling point to educate the public at large.

The overt police state at the RNC, whether staged or not through paid provocateurs to "justify" the 'peace' officers or police officers in riot gear, chemical, electrical torture tasers, and other weapons to subdue what should be police law enforcement are now transparent on how they protect the attendees of the RNC hegemony a.k.a. the oligarchs who control the fascist corporations.

The indignity of those detained for several days (max 36 hours not counting holidays and weekends) who were beaten, allowed to defecate themselves in custody, and the overall degrading treatment of "law enforcement" even on journalists (the only profession explicitly protected by the Constitution). Though we may not agree with the gatekeepers jailed, what occurred to them is deplorable in a democratically elected (voting machine selected) Constitution-republic. [link to www.democracynow.org]

What separation of the public and police that a simple dialog between those working in law enforcement could not take place. As if a simple conversation to treat each other, the public and police together, with humility and respect would make the police not resort to gulag/SS tactics.

With knowledge comes the power to restore the Constitution and a America that respects the sovereignty of those around the world, including its own.

Sorry for the rant, just wanted to say thanks for 'keeping the light on' by your continued insight and writings that is and continues to be the beacon lighthouse for waking up to the corrupt society as it is starting the dialog for how it SHOULD be.
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:01 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
This is an age old problem.

Yes collectively we do not want to experience the pain of the reality of an oligarchy which has ruled the world for so long and more recently hid behind democratic illusions. All wars have been fought because of bankers and weapon industry profits under the guise of protecting freedoms and human rights. The elite ruling class has become more and more sophisticated and the method of control camouflaged with greater expertise to rule the masses. Yes, 911 is a crack in the matrix and perhaps our best chance in history to confront our masters tricks of the trade. We should not underestimate the scope and tenacity of the ruling class to maintain the elite power structure and control matrix. Yes, the only solution to our plight will be extremely painful and involve significant sacrifice which the oligarchy believes is a price we will never pay.
The heat is being turned up and survival will be made harder to destroy our ability to organize and educate ourselves. They are banking on this psychological and physical warfare to crush any and all threats to a new and improved world order. 911 and anthrax proves that all cards are on the table and we cannot underestimate the ruthless nature of the struggle.
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:02 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
Martial Law at the RNC

If you deny that the U.S. is CURRENTLY under Martial Law you are not only locked into complete psychological denial you are an imbecile and a fool. Time to awaken; it is the Fall, the days are growing shorter.

Martial Law actually used to be called "Maritime Law" because Navies used to be the controlling/policing entity and primary military force of the globe. Then it was changed to "Martial Law." Some still use "Maritime Law" especially old salty dogs.

But either way; local "law enforcement" and Homeland Security have basically fully made the transition into Federal Agents now.
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:03 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
The Numbers of the 9/11 Commission
Numbers | Statistics

By Stephen Badhwar

Days until an investigation was ordered into the Pearl Harbour attack: 9

Days until an investigation was ordered into the Kennedy assassination: 7

Days until an investigation was ordered into the Challenger disaster: 7

Number of days until an investigation was ordered into the sinking of the Titanic: 6

Number of days until an investigation was ordered into the 9/11 attacks: 411

Amount of money allocated for the 1986 Challenger disaster investigation: $75 million

Amount of money allocated for the 2004 Columbia disaster investigation: $50 million

Amount of money allocated for Clinton-Lewinsky investigation: $40 million

Amount of money allocated for the 9/11 Commission: $14 million
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:03 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
The Unspeakable Truth of 9/11

by P.A. Buchanan – September 11, 2008

or the 'dots' you are not supposed to connect...

The following is a compilation from mainstream media reports and other investigative research available on the web. (see also Paul Thompson, The Terror Timeline, 2004) Most of it never again repeated, clues, 'dots' never connected:

- The World Trade Center needed repair since the late 1980s, some $200 million in renovations and improvements, mostly related to removal and/or replacement of building materials declared health hazards since the Towers were built. The WTC was labeled an "asbestos bombshell". In fact, the Port Authority thought of the WTC as a dinosaur, trying several times to get permits to demolish the buildings for liability reasons. The PA was turned down. The asbestos problem was no secret. The sole reason the complex was still up on 9/11/2001 was the cost of taking the Twin Towers down floor by floor.
[link to www.thenation.com]

- Larry Silverstein, a New York property tycoon purchased a 99-year lease for the entire WTC complex just 6 months prior to the 9/11 attacks. That was the first time in its 33-year history the complex had ever changed ownership. Mr. Silverstein, who must have known about the asbestos problem, made a down-payment of $124 million on this $3.2 billion complex, and promptly insured it for $3.6 billion. He also covered the complex against "terrorist attacks". In the contract Mr. Silverstein was also specifically given the right to rebuild the structures if they were destroyed. Mr. Silverstein's first order of business as the new owner was to change the company responsible for the security of the complex. The new security company he hired was Securacom (now Stratasec). George W. Bush's brother, Marvin Bush, was on its board of directors, and Marvin's cousin, Wirt Walker III, was its CEO. According to public records, not only did Securacom provide electronic security for the World Trade Center, it also covered Dulles International Airport and United Airlines - two key players in the 9/11 attacks. Following the attacks, Mr. Silverstein filed two insurance claims for the maximum amount of the policy ($7.2B), based on the two -- in Mr. Silverstein's view -- separate attacks. The insurance company, Swiss Re, paid Mr. Silverstein $4.6 Billion, still a princely return on a relatively paltry investment of $124 million. Incidentally, it's worth noting that one of Mr. Silverstein's closest friends, a person with whom it's said he speaks almost daily by phone, is none other than former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It was also Mr. Netanyahu, who back in 1986 coined the phrase The War on Terror…
[link to www.informationliberation.com]

- Back in October 2000, about 11 months prior to September 11, 2001, a former Israeli Defense Force member and veteran of the 1973 Yom Kippur War overheard a conversation in Hebrew in New Jersey, "The Americans will learn what it is to live with terrorists after the planes hit the twins in September... The Arabs are so stupid. They don't even imagine that we are using them."
[link to www.muckrakerreport.com]

- On 9/11 at least two Israel-based employees of the instant messaging service Odigo received warnings of an imminent attack in New York City more than two hours before the first plane hit the buildings. Odigo had its U.S. headquarters two blocks from the WTC. The Odigo employees, however, did not pass the warning on to the authorities in New York City. (Washington Post, 9/27/01) Odigo, like many Israeli software companies, is based and has its Research and Development center in Herzliya, the small town north of Tel Aviv, which happens to be where the headquarters of Mossad, Israel's intelligence service are located.

- Also on 9/11/2001 five "Middle Eastern men" were arrested in New Jersey by the FBI after having been seen on a roof top videotaping and celebrating the explosive collapses of the WTC. "It looked like they knew what was going to happen." (Bergen Record, 9/12/01) It was later confirmed that the five detained men were in fact agents of the Israeli military intelligence, Mossad. Their "moving van" from a Weehawken, N.J. company called Urban Moving Systems tested positive for explosives. Another employee of Urban Moving Systems, reported that the majority of his co-workers were Israelis and were joking on the day of the attacks. The employee said, 'I was in tears, and these guys were joking, and that bothered me.' These guys (Israelis) were like, "Now America knows what we go through."
[link to www.whatreallyhappened.com]

Dominic Suter, the Israeli owner of Urban Moving Systems, fled in haste after 9/11/2001, or was allowed to escape, to Israel before FBI agents could interrogate him. (Forward, 3/15/02)

The arrested five Israelis were released after spending just 71 days in U.S. custody. The Assistant Attorney General in charge of criminal investigations at the time was Michael Chertoff, the current head of the Dept. of Homeland Security. Chertoff, the son of Israel's first Mossad agents, facilitated the 9-11 cover-up, is thought to be a dual national.
[link to www.whatreallyhappened.com]

One of the released Israeli agents later told Israeli radio that they had been sent to "document the event"...
(ABC News, 6/1/02)

- Carl Cameron of Fox News wrote an extensive 4-part report about Urban Moving Systems and the five Israelis. While it is no longer available at the Fox site, it has been saved in various archives on the web.
[link to www.antiwar.com]

He was also told by an unnamed US official "Evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information."

- Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) was quoted saying: "I think there is very compelling evidence that at least some of the terrorists were assisted not just in financing - although that was part of it - by a sovereign government… It will become public at some point when it's turned over to the archives, but that's 20 or 30 years from now."
[link to www.cooperativeresearch.org]

- Investigators within the DEA, INS and FBI have all told Fox News that to 'pursue or even suggest Israeli spying... is considered career suicide'... (Fox News, 12/12/01)

- Another FBI official said to Cameron: "While I agree with you, if I say anything about US geopolitical interests with Israel, I might as well clean off my desk." Indeed, Carl Cameron of Fox News, himself is no longer willing to address the issue, comment or even acknowledge anything about his own research into the subject...

As to Osama bin Laden's so-called 'confession video', Hani Sebai, a British electronics specialist talking to the BBC, called it 'a clear fabrication, a classic cut-and-paste job ' using an Osama wedding video. In an in-person interview given to the Pakistani paper Umat that was also broadcast on BBC, bin Laden denied any involvement in the 9/11 attacks. There would indeed be little incentive for someone to disavow a deed of this magnitude, for which he would be praised, to which he is supposedly dedicated to carrying through. (Ralph Schoenmann,Taking Aim, 7/12/2005)

The official investigation under the control of the neocon Philip Zelikow thwarted any attempt at discovering the truth behind the attacks. Any questioning of the official narrative, be it by victim relatives, architects, engineers, physicists or other patriotic Americans can simply be silenced as crazy 'conspiracy theory'.
[link to www.911truth.org,] patriotsquestion911.com, www.ae911truth.org)

The implication of the Arabs in the 9/11 attacks with the full support of the Zionist-controlled mass media gave the Israelis the perfect opportunity to sear the image of the 'Arab terrorist' onto the American psyche.

Former Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, was asked a day later what the attacks in New York and Washington would mean for US-Israeli relations. He said, "It's very good". Then he corrected himself, adding: "Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel from Americans"… (New York Times, 9/12/01)

"From national networks to small-town newspapers, the view that America's terrible taste of terrorism will finally do away with even modest calls for the restraint of Israeli military attacks on Palestinian towns has become an instant, unshakable axiom… Now, support for Israel in America is officially absolute…" (Village Voice, 9/19/01)

Whether Israel and its allies here just allowed it to happen or were involved in the planning and execution, their motive was correctly identified by Neil Mackay in the Nov. 2, 2003 issue of the Scottish 'Sunday Herald':

"to bind America in blood and mutual suffering to the Israeli cause ".

That's exactly why you won't see these connections in the mainstream media, this is the truth that is really unspeakable...
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:04 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
Mechanical and Architectual Engineer on 9-11

[link to www.itsyourtimes.com]

Mon, 2007-12-03 14:40 — Wise Merlin
Actually RDS......
Actually DRS... I beg to differ with you. Rather than speculate, I will start by stating I have more than 25 years background in Mechanical and Structural Research and Development Engineering. Structural steel melts above 2,250 degrees F and "plastic deformation" at 1,750 degrees F. Even in a highly efficient oxygen furnace it takes more than 8 hours of "cooking" to melt steel. The tower's fires only lasted an hour to two hours before imploding. The World Trade Center towers are the ONLY structural steel skyscrapers to ever fall down supposedly due to fire in the history of skyscrapers.

You may have caught the report of the temperature of jet fuel burning out in the open air when the Chinese airliner exploded recently. The temperatures of the explosion and fire were at 500 degrees F. The twin towers fires were oxygen starved jet fuel fires noted by the thick black smoke emanating from the buildings. You might even remember there were people standing in the gapping holes the airplanes carved into the towers shortly after impact. Hardly a raging inferno hot enough to compromise structural steel.

If you would watch the original History Channel documentary of the twin towers being built, you would know the towers were designed to withstand "MULTIPLE HITS" from Boeing 747 aircraft impacts. No building in the world is DESIGNED TO IMPLODE, period.*The documentary also pointed out that the central structure of 47 boxed structural columns with webbing 5 inches thick like the truck of a tree held the buildings up, not the exterior columns. After 9/11, the National Geographics channel documentary on "how the towers fell" conveniently left out the ENTIRE CORE STRUCTURE, trying to explain the "pancaking theory" of inertia.

There were AT LEAST two weekends prior to 9/11 when both towers were "powered down" completely for supposed cable upgrades. All cameras, sensors, and security was 100% non-existent during those times. A large number of unknown workers completed these upgrades.

What is MOST curious about these "power downs" is that the security firm responsible for security at the towers was run for more than two years before 9/11 by Director MARVIN BUSH (GWB's brother) and his cousin CEO Wirt Walker (Published on Tuesday, February 4, 2003 by the Prince George's Journal (Maryland)). Once these “power downs” started, bomb sniffing dogs were pulled off duty at the WTC complex until 9/11.

Michael Moore is certainly no expert on structural steel; however, there are thousands of professionals who are openly outspoken about the dubious theories portrayed by the government as to the reasons the towers collapsed.

Other facts/questions about 9/11:

Dick Cheney was controlling NORAD with two "simulated" air attacks across the country, or that FEMA was placed in NYC on Monday the 10th to work with the New York Port Authority on a "simulated" attack by airplanes, or that WTC7 had a 20 million dollar self-contained bomb hardened command center placed inside it, or that the original photo(s) immediately after the Pentagon impact show a 16 foot diameter entry hole, or that the Columbia University seismic instruments showed multiple explosions during and after the planes hit, or that key Democratic Congresspeople and strategic journalists were sent Anthrax letters, or that Operation Northwood (sending empty passenger planes to be shot down over Cuba as an excuse to invade) was conceived many years earlier and Cheney was involved, or the "New Pearl Harbor" white paper was drawn up by a Republican think tank associated with Bush/Cheney, or that investigators we only allowed to view "selected" steel beams from ground zero culled from the thousands of tons of steel that was quickly shipped to China for melting down, or that most of the steel was conviently "truck length," debris or that it was illegal to take photographs of ground zero, or that of the fifty or so security camera (both military and private) around the Pentagon were confiscated within two hours and never seen again, or the thousands of other facts that were whitewashed out of public view.

Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:05 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
Jesse Ventura lectures media about 9/11 Quote

The main stream media is a propaganda tool of an illegal Govt. that murdered my brethren on 9/11/2001. The press is not asking the hard questions and I want to know why.

Jesse is a true American Patriot, You're a great American Jesse. Keep asking the questions.
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 342628

Bless you brother! It's obvious now...Jesse still has balls the size of coconuts! Ant that is what we need...from all men.
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:06 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
What we are dealing with is an outright and blind acceptance of the structures of power and political authority.

In this regard, the American Inquisition as an ideological construct, is, in many regards, similar to the inquisitorial social order prevailing in France and Spain during the Middle Ages. The inquisition, which started in France in the 12th century, was used as a justification for conquest and military intervention.

Initially it took the form of a campaign in southern France directed against the Cathars and Waldensians, which challenged the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Cathar movement was a religious sect which was protected by the regional feudal order in southern France, against the dominion of the Catholic Church and the French monarchy in Paris. "The Cathars believed they were the true Christians and the Catholic Church was a false church, founded by the devil."

In the early 13th Century, "Pope Innocent III declared a crusade against the Cathars" at the behest of the French royal family. The crusade was in fact a war of conquest under the disguise of a campaign against heresy.

The Inquisition directed against heresy was intended to consolidate the Monarchy's territorial control. It provided a pretext to intervene militarily in south and southwestern France, using the authority of the Catholic Church as a façade.

The inquisition became part of a political consensus, carried out by the Church's inquisitors, imposed by the ruling feudal order and supported militarily. Its purpose was to maintain and sustain the social and political order, extend the powers of the central State, subjugate regional powers in France, using the campaign against heresy as "a justification to wage war". Sounds familiar?

Today's Inquisitorial Order

Anybody who doubts the legitimacy of the American inquisition (9/11 and the "Global War on Terrorism") is a heretic conspiracy theorist or an accomplice of the terrorists.

The American Inquisition is part of a Bipartisan Consensus. Both the Democrats and the Republicans support the American Inquisition.

"Going after Osama bin Laden" is part of the election platform of both political parties. In fact it is the central component of the election campaign:

I [Barack Obama] argued for more resources and more troops to finish the fight against the terrorists who actually attacked us on 9/11, and made clear that we must take out Osama bin Laden and his lieutenants if we have them in our sights (Barack Obama, Acceptance Speech, National Democratic Convention, Denver, August 2008)

We have dealt a serious blow to al Qaeda in recent years. But they are not defeated, and they’ll strike us again if they can. (John McCain, Acceptance Speech, Republican National Convention, St Paul, September 2008)

There is an "outside enemy". The Homeland is under attack. Islamic terrorists "threaten our way of life". "We must defend ourselves" preemptively against Osama and his lieutenants.

US Northern Command (Northcom), with headquarters at the Petersen Air Force base in Colorado was established in early 2002 to protect America against a terrorist attack. It was presented to public opinion as a response to the 9/11 attacks. The real strategic objectives of Northern Command using sophisticated aero defense weapons including nuclear warheads, are not mentioned.
Anonymous Coward
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01/12/2011 09:08 AM
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Re: CIA Asset Susan Lindauer blows the whistle on 9/11, Iraq
The 'constitution' is NOT the Highest Law! The Most High God's ten commandments and the two commandments of Christ, in their original intent and meaning, are! America violates those laws flagrantly and arogantly! Does American law support the 'doctrine of Christ'? NO! Do American's proclaim the 'doctrine of Christ' as the only Way to salvation? NO! Is this taught in the 'public schools' in America? NO! Instead America's constitution supports 'freedom of religion', implying that ALL religions are to be valued and even lead to Christ! Such is just not true. Many who claim to be Christian do not adhere to the ten commandments nor the commandments of Christ in their original form. For instance, the 2nd commandment specifies that worshippers of the One and Only God are to NOT make any image of anything to bow down to and worship, yet how many American's worship the American flag, the Statue of Liberty, the 555 foot tall Washington monument, the Mount Rushmore monument, etc., etc., etc.? This is but one example of the hypocrisy of those who claim to be representatives of GOD and Jesus The Christ!