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Anonymous Coward
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United Kingdom
01/09/2011 10:31 PM
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Bill Ryans update to the video "The Rulers of the World", supposedly with the "Charles" insider:

[link to www.youtube.com]

"On 1 January 2011 I (Bill Ryan) published a controversial interview with a deep insider - whom I called 'Charles' - who had worked closely for many years directly for the group of men that were controlling the planet.

In that interview, Charles confirmed the following:

* The reality of the plan to set up a false flag event to frame the ETs as hostile.
* Full details (with a rationale from the controllers' point of view) of the plan to reduce the world's population.
* Confirmation that the human race is an ET genetic project.
* Confirmation of ET reality, and the reality of their craft.
* A statement that the ET craft had been brought down deliberately (after one or two initial 'lucky hits' in the 1940s).
* Confirmation of the existence of the Mars base, and that we're poised to leave the solar system.
* Confirmation of the existence of the back-engineered man-made flying triangles.
* The existence of the controlling group, with details of their composition and modus operandi.
* Confirmation of artifacts on the moon, and confirmation that Arthur C. Clarke knew a great deal.
* Confirmation that there's anticipated to be a peak of solar activity that might interfere with electrical circuits (in 2012 or 2013).
* Confirmation that the solar system is a binary system (i.e. that 'Planet X' is a reality).
* Quite a bit more - about the way that the insiders operate, their goals and plans, and how they think.

In this 50 minute video commentary, Bill Ryan answers a number of questions about the interview, Charles' background, the ET genetic project that is the human race, and much more."

[link to projectavalon.net]

"The Rulers of the World" = the "Charles" interview:

[link to www.youtube.com]


In the summer of 2010 I was approached by a very unusual man. The story of that contact is described by him in this interview. I've called him 'Charles'.

He's spent many years working for the elite group that considers it their responsibility to run the planet.

He's not an academic, a historian, or a scientist. But he wanted to communicate some important information: about the worldview and philosophy of this group from their point of view: what they're trying to achieve, why, and how. What he wants to see is what he calls a 'Fair Contest'.

There's a great deal of material that was not covered in this interview. It is, to some degree, the start of a dialog. The group of 33 that 'Charles' works with is indirectly using this opportunity to communicate. I've reported this communication as accurately as possible.

As is normal journalistic practice, some of the information was asked to be off-record at this stage. As you watch this interview, you will see that there are a great many unanswered questions. I'd like there to be a further interview. But any decision about this isn't mine to make.

For me, the second half of 2010 has been an interesting time. It's culminated in this opportunity to communicate indirectly, through this video and through 'Charles' himself, with the group of people who are running the planet.

This is what I would like this opportunity to say:

I understand the history and context that 'Charles' has explained some of which is in this interview.

But there is another way.

If you are to be the true leaders of the planet, you can be the captains of Spaceship Earth with a responsibility for the entire Human Family.

There can be a massive clean-up operation. You know that the technology exists. Between us all, this can be done.

Clean water, clean air, clean oceans, free energy, abundant wildlife, health and education for every human being.

Planet Earth could be a paradise planet a model for this sector of the galaxy.

The Human Race is a massive, long-term experiment.

This information, confirmed by yourselves via 'Charles', will not be new to many of those watching this video.

'Charles' has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference.

It is arguable that the optimum conclusion for all an outcome that would delight those whose project this is would be for the Human Race to take responsibility for itself: and show just what they can do.

Your legacy to remain for time immemorial, here and elsewhere, could be:

We cleaned up the mess.

We inspired and funded the world's brightest and best from every nation to work together to solve the problems.

We fully restored this beautiful, magnificent jewel of this solar system.

Look what we did.

When the entire Human Family, organized, focused, and under inspired leadership, worked together to show just what could be done.


Also in this interview:

* How I was initially approached by Charles because I had become a 'problem'.

* The plan to create a false flag event to present the ETs as dangerous enemies.

* The plan to reduce the world's population through the control and distribution of food.

* 'Planet X' and dangerous solar activity (both are real - but are not show-stopping threats).

* The ET project to create and optimize a new genome - which is the human race on this planet.

*This is the first time in the history of the human race that we have got our hands on ET technology - which was never part of the plan. There were no accidental UFO crashes: all the craft were shot down - at first by a 'lucky hit', and thereafter deliberately.

* The legacy of the controlling group, and why they feel this is their responsibility.

* The way the controlling group functions, and considers its role: some of their codes, protocols, and 'rules'.

Note that this group is NOT the Illuminati. This is a Council of the 33 most senior members (defined in a specific way) of each of the 33 bloodline families on the 'inside'. The controlling group does not have a formal name.

My intention is to suggest to the controlling group in the strongest and most courteous way I can that there is another way to go. I want nothing less than to change the timeline of the human race.

And to do that, the shift in consciousness that will be required needs to extend from the very lowest to the very highest strata of society. Now that 2011 is upon us - and here we all are still standing (and in the process becoming wiser, more aware, more responsible, and much better informed): I ask all of you reading this, and watching the video, to join me in a vision for Planet Earth in which every human being, no-one excludes, plays their part in creating.

Bill Ryan
1 January 2011"

...would you buy a 2nd hand car from this man?

[link to www.myspace.com]
User ID: 981065
03/13/2012 05:21 PM
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i knew it you fucking morons
you have not succeeded in completing your logic.
you have thought and thought but left out some very logical conclusions with your fucking interfering!!!
you (the 33 fuckers) have stunted your own increase of intelligence by taking out of the calculation the inevitable outcome of higher intelligence of the second type.
you know what i mean!
the second foundation will now come for us all.
stupid twits!
you have screwed up the whole experiment.
yes ,,,most of your logic has succeeded ,but it takes only one flaw to screw the whole thing up.
you have attracted the entire galaxy now you fucking idiots.
did you think they would never come to see what happened to their lost crafts?
they have evolved as well ,faster than you!
now we will all have to pay for it.
they will not allow you to travel to that part of the galaxy
they have set up a trap for you already
by the way ,10% is bullshit!
as it grows ,so does the percentage.
10% of 100 = 10 but 10% of increased brain is higher than the original 10%
figure the rest out yourself!
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