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Political Alignment

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United States
01/10/2011 03:46 PM
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Political Alignment
For the longest time I have been trying to figure out why people align themselves with political sides. Sometimes I figure it's to be part of a group that has a similar thought basis but from a lot of what I have noticed it is more of a hive mind.

Unison with two hiveminds, Republicans and Democrats, are nigh impossible due to the separation of the thought basis of both parties. If those that haven't noticed, it doesn't matter in reality that you are part of one group or the other.

The bickering between the two is so astounding, it hurts. Fighting over every little thing possible, for instance, the whole Arizona shooting; does it really matter whether or not it was a Democrat that was shot? A Democrat, mind you, that is..err, was against Obama? The shooter was, IIRC was a 'lefty' too, with the Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf as his books of choice.

When you label yourself under one of these titles you void yourself of your own individuality. You're now part of whoever you're with, you're no longer unique, you're part of the hive mind. You eventually let yourself succumb to not only ignorance but arrogance, purely based because the certain hive mind will ALWAYS think it is in the right.

If you truly are unique and decided not to label yourself under one of these titles, you will be shunned and turned away by all sides because as with all hives...those that are not part of it, are not welcomed.

I, along with countless others and counting, have seen all sides want the same thing, absolute power. They also seem to be controlled by the same power players; bankers, CEO's, Big Oil, Big Tobacco, MONEY. The control that is exerted through political parties and their controllers is mind boggling. Every facet of life is divided and will never be a whole as long as the title system stays in place.

Think about it for a bit.
Embrace absolution.