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Message Subject British Geological Survey ***Possible Pole Shift Occuring*** South Atlantic Anomaly is Growing!!
Poster Handle anonymous again
Post Content
the problem as I see it is if the poles flip the land mass will also flip since it will realign with the polarity of space where North is North there too. The only planet that isn't aligned like that is a plasma giant, Uranus and its pole is aimed at the sun... also putting out more energy than it takes in it led me to free-e theory but that's another story.

Any chance this anomaly is because of the pull of planet x? If thats the case it won't fully stabilize until the planet exits from its range of influence.

and then we have the procession of the equinox as well as that ribbon to think about.

Bottom line I believe if you are one of Faith there is nothing to worry about because it had been written.
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