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Message Subject What is your cure to get rid of the flu or to prefent it ??
Poster Handle ^Watcher^
Post Content
You forgot placing a cut onion by your bedside at night. There have been two threads on that subject pinned in the last few months. I find that remedy FASCINATING!

The "wives' tale" is you cut both ends off, place a fork in one end and set the forked end down into a jar. Put this beside your bed as you sleep (or beside whoever has the flu or pnenumonia) and the onion will be black by morning having absorbed the virus or bacteria and all flu symptoms will be gone. (They say the same works for garlic which saved many during the time of the Black Plague and that's why they say garlic wards off evil).

Could someone with the flu try that and see if it actually works. As grateful as I am for this fact, no one in my family has been sick this winter for me to put this to the test.
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