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Message Subject LaRouche Denounced Media Fraud Following Arizona Shootings: BERWICK, BLAIR, OBAMA AND HITLER
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
British Lead Black Propaganda Charge After Arizona Shootings
January 11, 2011 10:15AM

In typical British imperial tongue-in-cheek fashion, Reuters on Monday let it all hang out, in their propaganda smear campaign, implicitly targeting Lyndon LaRouche around the Arizona shootings on Saturday. Under the irrelevant headline "Shooting Could Tame Tough Political Rhetoric," Reuters began with a reference to the now world-famous Obama moustache: "Protesters parade an altered photo of President Barack Obama sporting an Adolph Hitler-like moustache. A candidate for the Senate muses about gun 'remedies' if election results don't go the right way. Members of Congress are spat on and taunted with racial epithets before casting votes for a healthcare reform bill. Welcome to politics American-style. For the past few years, some public officeholders and pundits have warned that the political rhetoric has gotten a little too overheated in a country known for its loose gun laws and history of presidential assassinations."

[link to www.larouchepac.com]
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