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Subject Throat Singing
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
I have been into harmonics and resonance for a long time. I would like to stress that resonance and the ´power´ of it have been practiced for thousands and thousands of years.

Daily we are inundated with noise. Whether it is neighbors, news, radio, tvs, even something as simple as microwaves. There are several types simultaneously, the electronic noise and the audible.

There are several books referring to moving large monolithic stones via harmonics and even in spiritual writings we understand the impact on creation by sound. Whether it is eastern or western beliefs sound holds mysteries yet to be understood.

Even in tesla technology and the like, resonance is a powerful force. I believe sound will become more utilized as humanity moves forward. It will become as keys that have been missing, and opening memories long forgotten.

In the interest of providing ´fodder´ for thought outside of the mundane elections I provide a few links.

I reccommend research into the wonders of sound and may it bring you answers and connections you may need in the near future. Blessings to all and peace be with you for this momentous time.


[link to khoomei.com]

[link to khoomei.com]

[link to www.philjonesmusic.com]

[link to www.jimberenholtz.com]

[link to www.healingsounds.com]

[link to www.singing-woods.org]

[link to www.healingsounds.com]

[link to hometown.aol.]

[link to www.healingmusic.org]

[link to www.numberharmonics.com]

Have fun there is alot more out there for those with interest.

[link to shop.store.yahoo.]

link to www.godlikeproductions.com] alt='band'> dance
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