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Message Subject Throat Singing
Poster Handle ShadowDancer
Post Content
Humming is a form of throat singing. However, there are several different styles, like India, Inuit(arctic), germanic, etc. Most professional singers are mainline and sing with their diaphragms, not their throats.

One ethnomusicologist is Mickey Hart-of Grateful Dead fame. He gathered several Tibetan Monks together for a few albums. The Gyuto Monks are well known in this style of singing. Singing in two octaves simultaneously-it is very difficult. The history of throatsinging is much more understood in other parts of the world.

If one takes the time to research the info out there and apply some of what one learns-transformation is enhanced. Whether it is achieving theta mind state for longer periods, enhancing many things like creativity or a mediatative state more consistently.

The entrainment of the earth with humans is understood by those into the physics of it. The Earths Schumanns frequency is increasing and mankind for whatever reason is AWAKENING. I for one would like to utilize all the tools at my disposal, and believe many will benefit from these truths. Blessings rose

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