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Message Subject Throat Singing
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The physics of sound are much more understood than most realize. Even in medical uses that are
common like using specialized ultrasound to break up kidney stones and such. Likewise, dolphins, killer whales use sonar to locate food and use the destructive aspect. Sonar to kill, used by certain sea creatures and using sonar in war(subs).
I am familiar with medical applications up to an MRI and the principles of resonance. All cells have charges and all cells have specific traits of resonance(spin) that can be manipulated with the frequencies we apply for all kinds of things.

In fMRI we can manipulate those cells to help form our images. We can decipher function. We can administer treatments via ītagsī and so on. These are newer applications. Likewise, all cells having frequency are susceptible to it. It can be used for various ends. Of course, too much prevention causes anxiety for most docs-bread and butter...
There was a man years ago, now deceased named Royal Rife and he created a frequency generator that he used to īkillī different viruses or say cancer. He was hailed as a great inventor and many docs honored him as having created a machine that could attack cells on a basic level. Well, of course, the AMA and several scientific journals decided to blacklist him. Again, back to bread and butter. I believe his device is quite useful and could lead to great success. I do NOT believe he had the end of ALL disease but his invention is available-and I want one.

Tuning forks are used to tune a piano-likewise the celss in your body will key to their specific frequency when the sound resonates through the organ. The heart and the ear entrain to one another and this is being examined more. There is much more to this that is already available and even more greater things that will soon be understood.

Even colors are on a specific frequency-hmmmm

Thx for all the great comments.

Have a great Halloween and donīt get too crazy.

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