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Message Subject (Highly Sensitives)~*~I'm really confused - I am sure someone can give me some kind of clue ~*~
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know exactly how you feel... yesterday I posted on not one, but two separate 'ask me a question' threads with absolutely silence...

What's puzzling about the response you got is... if you have so much 'strong energy' then one would get plenty of feedback to read from versus one with a 'low energy field'...

MotherMary, I may not be a psychic but I am an 'empath' and one thing I know for certain I can say to you undeniably... you're definitely a Truthseeker. Be proud of you are and continue to be confident in seeking and/or researching as much as you need to to get the answers you need answered.

I do this on a daily basis. My problem is sometimes I see myself getting 'addicted' to GLP forums and taking a break and seeing a great 'sci-fy' movie or going to the gym gives me a fresh perspective.



Thruth seeker isnt as great as you lot seem to think it is. trying to end confusion that you shouldn't even have is hardly the pinnacle of human evolution.

why can't you replace your psychosis with an actual life?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 724831

How you can judge when you have no idea of who I am ... is amazing... I am happily married; sell real estate in the great state of Texas; have 3 beautiful, smart daughters and anyone who is on any GLP forum is a truthseeker, believe it or not, otherwise they wouldn't be coming to this website looking for information... just saying...

Peace and Blessings to You Anyways...
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