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WE BUY GOLD... it's all a big fucking conspiracy!!!

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1165715
United States
01/14/2011 04:03 PM
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WE BUY GOLD... it's all a big fucking conspiracy!!!
The grocery store I frequent recently put in a WE BUY GOLD store up in the front. The sign clearly reads "GOLD & SILVER / BUY & SELL" - so on the way out I stopped in to ask if they had any junk pre-1964 coins for sale. Said I was interested in buying some.

"Oh, NO! We only BUY" was the response.

Thinking this was a little unsettling, I stopped in a pawn shop on the way home. They too have a big sign out front "WE BUY GOLD - TOP DOLLAR PAID." Same answer. NO SELL. ONLY BUY!

Starting to look like the conspiracy here is to drain the gold out from the general public.

But why?