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Message Subject Proof of Illuminati and there desire to oppress us.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Illuminati means "Enlightenment and Illumination.

Conspiracy fears and theories dont help you any...

Makes you think that the NWO is Roman based...ugh!

Knights Templars were Illuminists, being blamed again?

Please advise?

Illuminati is thousands of years old. Before the first civilizations began.

please continue...

We've been told Adam Weishopt founded this order (sun order)
in Bavaria in opposition of the church.

Atlantis, who and what before Atlantis?

I am intrigued by your generous thought provoking answers.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 497757

Hi there, A "Sun Order" would be to acknowledge a Archetype Mythos that Jesus was, Adam Weishaupt said that "Jesus Christ" is the head of the Order. Jesus was considered a SUN GOD archetype like Mithras of the Medo Persian area which became popular in Rome amongst Soldiers and became a Fraternity.

In the Western nations we celebrate the birth of Christ at Christmas cause it is Winter Solstice and the Light is going to triumph and the days are about to get longer.

Orthodox paintings picture Jesus standing in front of a Zodiac Disk that is split into Four cross sections.

Early civilizations were Star Gazers and kept track of the seasons and prophecies via the alignment of the Planets

Egypt held Initiations that led Initiates "Out of the Cave and into the Light" so to speak

Atlantis did this too, was highly technological , but now is under the sea

Babylon, Medo Persia , Judea , Greece and Rome knew of these Initiations that simulated the phases of Planets and Planetary metals that led the Initiate into Immortal life

Light Theology was coined by Plato as Mans connection with the Divine

Encoded in Esoteric and Occult Symbolism and books like the Bible and Emerald Tablet and Tarot is the secrets of Science, chemistry and the Evolution of ones Soul...
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