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Message Subject What The Fuck Mods?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
So....a thread about calling yourself a cracker has no intellectual worth but a thread about....how many times a day do you poop.....does? Hahahaha.

is race baiting bad when it's about arab muslims here?

just wondering...

Muslim is not a race, duh...

it's why i said "arab" muslim...read, much?


Not all arabs are muslim nor are all muslims arab

That's why AC said "arab".

A little slow on the draw.

Doc Holliday yer not.

OK I'm going to make this REAL clear.

1. Islam is a religion
2. Arab is a subrace
3. These two variables are not inexorably linked

Get it now????

What's to get?

Not very many Thai muslims get racebaited here. Even tho there are some quite violent ones also.

Mostly Arab.

Clear enough fer ya?

You can point out some ambiguous analogy all you want here, the other AC's point was point blank.

Quit running in circles.

I do believe my logic has escaped you.
 Quoting: Salaama

Not really the point just flew right over your head. And you are trying to cover your ass.
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