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Message Subject Popul Vuh....Mayan or Hebrew Exodus (Red Sea crossing included)?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is a book not available in libraries or bookstores any more but I got it and written by David Allen Deal. It's something I think is valid due to my own research about Hebrew. In Brazil if you get Berlitz's book called "As Línguas do Mundo" (page 86) admits the so-called Hebrew was an adaptation created by Ehud Benyehuda (1858-1922). If you keep digging you'll end up knowing a lot more. The so-called Hebrew is merely Aramaic Babylon language and the sound is something modern based upon Askenazi and Sepharadit and Iidiche which was a MEDIEVAL GERMAN. That's why whether you pick a book written in Portuguese or English readers don't have a clue why the feast called Hanukah sometimes is changed into Chanukah.

Ora,ora. In English we know CH does have the sound as K as in cherubim, chemistry, school, the sound of CH as in cheese, check, achieve and the authors also write the H as in hat, head, hot? Therefore the ignorant reader would have to guess why on purpose the Jews choose these? The reason I tell you know is this: that wasn't Hebrew but German CH... equivalent to Portuguese RR (as in "empuRRar"), Spanish J, Russian and Greek X.

I'm gonna show you the progression of the alpabeth hides a lot of deception....

Também aprendi muita coisa em outros países e judeus da sinagoga de Argentina e Peru ficaram bravos porque não desejavam que eu soubesse o que agora sei....
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