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Message Subject Popul Vuh....Mayan or Hebrew Exodus (Red Sea crossing included)?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The red sea crossing

THAT was never the case, but a bad misunderstanding of what was written. The Hebrews crossed the REED Sea.

Everything else you posted is AS BAD or worse, misunderstandings and sheer stupidity!

AND, in some cases, outright LIES!!!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1085245

If you care to READ the links you'll see the so-called explanation of REEDS and RED is a mistake that doesn't fit on Hebrew account no matter how interesting sounds in English James King version or others. About 2.000 thousands years ago the name was also written in GREEK and the name was Red Sea indeed. In Greek Acts 7:36 & Hebrews 11:29 refer to the ocean indeed and uses the word erythrá thá.la.sa.
Red indeed for several reasons.

The red sea crossing was indeed from west to east as described in this book and the guy explains the so-called "yam suph" and "sooph" misunderstanding of the name Red Sea because in Hebrew the name was MARA refering to Bitter Lake and not the explanation you probably heard watching the documentary made by James Cameron, Avatar director. Cameron was critized due to his inventions.
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