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to all CIA/NWO/ILLUMINATI who troll GLP!!!

DrBenway (OP)

User ID: 956766
United States
01/23/2011 11:29 PM
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Re: to all CIA/NWO/ILLUMINATI who troll GLP!!!
 Quoting: Johntaraz

i bet you play d&d, i caught a few key terms.

Leeroy Jenkins is my d&d hero.

I am a chem-trail pilot for the Freemasons and they pay well. :-)
User ID: 1353343
United States
04/22/2011 11:40 PM
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Re: to all CIA/NWO/ILLUMINATI who troll GLP!!!
please let the abundance of christian sheep and racists be reason enough to dramatically reduce our population.

infact ide like to formally apply for the position of ratting out useless eaters survival camps in exchange for my own survival!


what a fucking moron, is it any wonder the world is in such a fucking mess when there are psychopaths like this about.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1232353

not pshychopats we are being realistic.

You can't overtrow the illuminaty, the entire world is controlled by them, most people don't even care, and the ones like you that know wats up, waste their days "exposing" their conspiracy on the Internet, basically just a waste of time, you think soros is affraid of you? LOL

rather then become the cattle I rather become the dog and work for my master.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1111817

become the dog and work for my master? wow could you sound more like a bitch, first off fuck you fags who are alredy trying to give up just because they have guns doesnt mean they won the war alredy, and this country is going to shit because of pussies like you, so fucking what if you die, whats the worst their sending you on your way, and by the way they dont make deals with nobodys running their shit for survival thats not how that works, and unless ur making more than 100k a month trust me youll be put in those camps like a bitch, and the so called dogs that are going to be handling you will be the soldiers they alredy have, they dont need you or anyone, now you need people like me in order to survive because you are obviously a little bitch when it comes to grabbing your balls and getting the shit done, its very simple people, they have been hiding all these years because we are too big in number to just shut up or fuck with, they are satanists, they have been working so that you believe there is no choice but joining them or dying wich is bullshit because as fas as shit has leaked they know were too many, so unless theyre going to use HAARP globally theyre going to get fucked, you think they keep their soldiers in places like iraq afghanistan and all over the world because theyre done with wars? FUCK NO, there are people out there who continue to fuck with them, and the day that they decide to go public, on that day we will have our global independence from this fucks, its time for war pussies, if you call urself a man but u cant manage to pick up a gun or kick the shit out of this people with your bare fists then you probably deserve to die nether god nor satan will want a bitch like you, just like the satanists say, THE STRONG WILL POSSESS THIS EARTH NOT THE WEAK, and when they say that theyre talking about little bitches like you guys on here, so have some fucking pride and decency, die a man if you need too, it ends up with this, in this world you have two choices you either follow the christian god, or you follow satan, obviously none of you on here follow satan cause none of you even act as if, you obviously dont have god in your lives so you go to fear when people talk about the illuminati, if you followed god that fear would be turned into calmness, through time this satanic fucks have made people lose their warrior side, by watching your stupid tv shows, by listening to their music with their satanic messages, its time to wake up people, you cannot be jumping the fence once you made ur choice, and by the way if ur planning on working at their camps or watever dont worry people can still be taken out of camps with enough strategy and planning, and if ur a god for the illuminati i wouldnt want to be in your skin when we do catch you, and just like me there are thousands if not millions more, when we do catch those dogs and their masters, shit people will know what is real torture, FUCK THE ILLUMINATI AND THEIR NEW WORLD ORDER, ALSO FUCKERS AND PUSSIES wake the fuck up, this aliens the goverments are in contact with are nothing but demons from other dimensions, dont believe the hype that aliens are coming to save us, thats what their plan has been the whole time, look up mk ultra, look up satanism in politics, look up famous people who have sold their souls to the devil, they have wasted eons of years making us believe the devil didnt exist, yet the washington streets around the white house have a huge pentagram formed, weve wasted too much time oh and if your a satanist fuck you pussies, you hide because u know people like me would fucking hunt you like a lion on a zebra, you fucking pussies, you and your demons, stay in hiding there is no benefit coming out, and let your demons know they can suck my christian cock any fucking day, theyre dead for a reason tell them not to forget that they died because they couldnt protect themselves, LATER FUCKERS AND FUCK YOU IF YOU HAVE A DIFFERENT OPINION ON THE SUBJECT WHO GIVES A SHIT ODDS ARE YOU PROBABLY DONT EVEN KNOW SHIT SO WAKE UP

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1322883
United States
04/23/2011 12:09 AM
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Re: to all CIA/NWO/ILLUMINATI who troll GLP!!!
 Quoting: Aileana

you can not beat them

so parish or join em?
 Quoting: DrBenway

no formal education I see...it's perish dear....forgive them Lord for they know not what they do....
User ID: 1302295
United States
04/23/2011 12:37 AM
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Re: to all CIA/NWO/ILLUMINATI who troll GLP!!!
You're a fucking pussy.