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Subject U.N. Ozark Arkansas, Missouri Land Grabs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
We've seen the maps of the "wilderness areas" that TPTB want to keep people out of and force them into urban areas to be corraled and controlled with the least amount of effort.

I stumbled upon this article as I was looking for land in the Ozarks (said to be safer for future ELE events, and more recently, having a fortress being built by what I think I read as a Defense Department geospacial big wig.)

Although this process has started years ago, the information contained within is too important to go unposted. Want to know how they start aquiring these things? Read the link below and notice some tricks they use, such as donating $25 to keep the Ozarks beautiful (funds going to the U.N. to further their agenda)

Just unbelievable:

[link to www.learn-usa.com]
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