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Message Subject U.N. Ozark Arkansas, Missouri Land Grabs
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Here's some fun GLP type stuff:
[link to prfamerica.org]

According to opponents, the primary symptom of a coming 'green' socialist government is the erosion of private property rights. The loss of ownership and control of private property was equated with the loss of Constitutionally guaranteed individual rights and privileges. Access to property ownership and land use rights are, according to opponents, tantamount to the preservation of democracy and national sovereignty. The trend toward environmental regulation, which threatens property ownership and control, is conceived of as a trend toward socialism or communism. Jane Darcy, a Take Back Arkansas representative, indicated that the Biosphere Reserve issue highlighted growing problems of suppression and control of individual rights and freedoms by government. She commented on the core issue saying:

[T]here isn't one government agency given the opportunity to spread their authority and take rights that won't put this nation in realů I don't know what you would call itů throes of actual communism. I mean, there are two systems of government essentially. The system of government that respects individual rights and the system of government that takes those rights, there's no in between. (Jane Darcy, personal interview)

A variety of extraordinary claims about the OMAB circulated throughout the Ozarks and beyond. Some of the more popular allegations were the following: forced reduction and relocation of the Ozark population and placement of citizens in concentration camps; destruction of homes, businesses, and infrastructure in order to reclaim areas as wilderness; accession of Ozark land and natural resources to the United Nations; and the presence or likely arrival of United Nations military troops in the Ozarks, which explained the alleged black helicopter and white tank sightings in the Ozarks region. One letter to the editor suspiciously reported,

They imply the U.N. is concerned about certain life forms, but is this true? Or just another insult to our intelligence? To be honest, the entire matter reeks of subversion. Rumor has it that the U.N. is to train foreign troops on our soil in the art of warfare, but under the guise of "ecological research," and if the federal government goes through with this U.N. land grab the citizens of the Ozarks region will be left out literally in the cold. (Dean 1996:2)
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