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Message Subject Another Mystery Missile? 1-14-11 California
Poster Handle PopeAndy
Post Content
Thats a contrail or the worlds slowest missile.
 Quoting: Fireengineer


I've seen about a dozen missile launches this looks exactly like it. Contrails dissipate after around 16 seconds thus why I pointed my finger at the trail to point out where the trail should dissipate.

Also airplanes don't fly vertically nor do they normally leave a trail like that.

The wavy trail at the base is a tell tale sign of a missile as it's flying vertically it's affected by winds at various elevations whereas an airplane fly's horizontally so isn't affected by a variety of elevations and winds.

More unusual is we have missile launches from the North West of my area at Vandenberg AFB this was from the South West towards areas like Huntington beach.

Also if this was an airplane it would have flown overhead which it did not it went up.
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