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How a noon rainbow on the 4th of July is like a unicorn

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United States
01/17/2011 09:42 PM
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How a noon rainbow on the 4th of July is like a unicorn
[link to www.komonews.com]
by: Scott Sistek

Q: Why do leprechauns love the summer time?

A: Because they always get extended lunch breaks.

The Northwest is famous for its "liquid sunshine" -- days when heavy rain showers run around the region, followed by brilliant sunbreaks, and when those two get together, it's like a rainbow outbreak.

But did you know the typical gloomy fall and winter months in the Northwest are the best time of year for rainbow hunting because you can see them all day long.

In the winter time, the sun never gets anywhere near 42 degrees above the horizon -- in fact around the solstice in Seattle, it's only 18 degrees high at noon. Thus, this is technically the best time to see rainbows as far as window of opportunity, although climatologically speaking, spring is when the weather pattern is most conducive to "liquid sunshine."

Just don't go out at noon after the equinox and expect to find a pot of gold. You'll have as much luck as finding a unicorn!

I learn something new every day on the interwebs. I bet someday soon we'll all learn Unicorns are real, with out lsd. If you go out and spray a hose on a sunny day around noon you'll see a rainbow. Just keep the spray of water below yo\our head.

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