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Message Subject Haven't the aliens figured out by now that humans can't figure out what crop circles mean?
Poster Handle CaptiveR
Post Content
WTF? If aliens have been trying to send humans a message for the last several decades or even centuries (if you believe the folk tales), haven't they figured out by now that we don't know what the fuck they mean? Or are these supposed intelligent creatures just using crops for creating art?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 722595

The message is the mystery itself. They are not conveying meaning, just emphasizing the need to question the world around and within you.
 Quoting: Friendly Alien Visitor

Greetings friend, i enjoyed your words.

Could some of these genuine formations be done by humans, but not in our time, but from a timeline ahead of our own. Or could they be done by other types of humans, who live on a slightly different dimension to ours. Or are both these parties communicating with each other, using 3rd dimensional earth to form the message. Maybe these messages are not for us at all.
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