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Message Subject The Advanced Alien Super-Specie Assay : the Dream Prison , an ongoing nightmare
Poster Handle Urod
Post Content
What could this be :

`In the air was the feel of benevolence , friendliness and peace , and there was no explanation .

The Vatican held a special conference behind closed doors , discussing the evidence from Christian leaders around the world . The testimonies described the same theme over and over until they had no choice but to accept there was a change on Earth and they needed to take advantage of it . And so they released a statement to the world declaring the Rupture was here and Christ was not too far away . It all made sense , it was good and it was all over the place , only god could make this happen .

To Danielís dismay , the churches start filling up and he thought , swallowing dry , ď who could predict such a twist ? ď .

As time passed , more statistics came to surface showing a decrease in the divorce rate , better grades in schools and less gang participation . `

It is banned here , so search for A Recipe , future shocking for a nation on Wordpress , than give it to friends and strangers ...
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