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Message Subject The Advanced Alien Super-Specie Assay : the Dream Prison , an ongoing nightmare
Poster Handle Urod
Post Content
Blasting idea was interesting, I think I used it once, will try it again.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1301937

Read the essay to see the latest technic which un-spinns the micro-vortices , basically reducing anything back to quiet , non-spinning SuperFluid ( the 'dark-matter' ) .

If we think and by doing so the chemicals cross the neuron junction , etc , it means that micro-vortices moved about in the SuperFluid and that a Real connections has been made between your brain and the Alien device or brain implant .
It's this connection that makes the Aliens vulnerable while in the same time enables them to be far away in another galaxy ( read the Unifying Properties of Nature on the Net to understand the uncompresible SuperFluid hence ways to send instant signals ).
By sending mental 'blasts' through this connection is like some one blows an air horn in your ear . Just unconfortable , not damaging to them .

But the 'un-spinning mitten ' as I call it is a FAR much Sinister tool to them because it mimicks the Absolute Weapon that can be made , the one that quietly unspinns micro-vortices ( matter and energy ) , makes things dissapear by reducing the micro-vortices back to non-spinning SuperFluid .

If you apply this methode every night , slowly but surely you'll built ( like I did ) a BAD reputation as a Host , mission acomplished !
The first to go are the most aggressive Aliens so you'll notice a decrese in nightmares or violent dreams .
What is left are the Peaceful Aliens which produce more pleasant dreams .

No , this is not a fantasy for the simple reason that everyone can try it !

Post your eperience to help other deal with it , thank you !
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