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Message Subject The Advanced Alien Super-Specie Assay : the Dream Prison , an ongoing nightmare
Poster Handle Urod
Post Content
A Permanent wake-up call for humanity .
Very rarely we run into a 'conspiracy' story that we can test ourselfs , just count the number of UFOs you've seen .
Here is something different , something that , for a change , you don't need to listen or believe anyone including me : you can test it every night yourself hence it gains in an instant the strongest credibility that you can experience , to the point that will make you turn the lights back on ...

Aside of the Recipe , here is my last try to weak up the human in us and leave the monkey behind .

I will make it very short : tonight after you'll tuck your self in bed , turn off the lights and pay attention to the first image or action scenes that suddenly will appear in your mind .
Now , try to change or stop them or just blank the 'screen' .

If you will not be able to and , after a few tries , the panic will set in to the point that you will turn the lights back on , realizing that you have no control over your dreams , well , that will be the time when you will understand something is going on and remember to read the Advanced Alien Super Specie essay and became Aware .

Always , always copy and spread the anonymous Recipe and post it on your blog , it will not be here for long , it has been banned before , the truth and message it carries is way overdue ...
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