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7 scientific accidents that led to world-changing discoveries

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United Kingdom
01/23/2011 07:05 AM
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7 scientific accidents that led to world-changing discoveries
[link to io9.com]

The drug was meant to help patients with angina, but it had a side effect of increasing blood flow elsewhere.

Potassium Bromide
They noticed that people masturbated less under the influence of potassium bromide. The compound was soon re-branded as a sedative, and masturbation was re-branded as something that drives the vast majority of internet traffic.

Safety Glass
...was invented when a clumsy materials researcher knocked a dirty beaker off a high shelf and noticed that it had broken to pieces, but not into sharp, dangerous shards.

Constantin Fahlberg was working with coal tar, he came home and, without washing his hands, grabbed one of his wife's dinner rolls and bit into it. It tasted sweet. He asked his wife if she had been doing anything different with the rolls...


The Big Bang


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