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Message Subject Is Gliese 581 Nibiru or Planet X?
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A whistleblower at NASA claims that they have discovered planet X or Nibiru and have calculated that it is heading our way.

The idea of a new planet being discovered in our Solar System is pretty exciting. Even more so because of the many theories about "planet-x" or "Nibiru" being associated with space aliens and the doomsday prophecies of 2012. Scientists at places like NASA and famous observatories have deflected inquiries about the discovery for a few years now, mainly because they feared being associated with these "fringe" theories. But like it or not -- it has happened. Well... According to a team of Spanish artronomers who call themselves the StarViewer Team.

[link to coupmedia.org]
 Quoting: Phat Daddy

This is a hoax. There is no team of Spanish astronomers called Starview. The hoax centers around an object the hoax calls G1.9 which is suppose to be Nibiru. The correct designation is G1.9+0.3 a supernova remnant discovered in 1984 and it is some 25,000 light years away.

Green, D. A.; Gull, S. F., Two new young galactic supernova remnants, Nature, vol. 312, Dec. 6, 1984, p. 527-529

[link to chandra.harvard.edu]

Stephen P. Reynolds et al. The Astrophysical Journal, 680: L41L44, 2008, THE YOUNGEST GALACTIC SUPERNOVA REMNANT: G1.9+0.3

Gliese 581 is a different object and also known as HO Libra. It is a BY Draconis type variable at a distance of 20 light years. It is known to have 6 planets.

[link to exoplanet.eu]

Neither of these objects are Nibiru.
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