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The Illuminati - Theory

User ID: 1228202
United States
01/25/2011 07:59 AM
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The Illuminati - Theory
OK, but here goes... So I was watching Terrance McKenna on the underworld, and it fascinated me so much I conjured a theory of the Illuminati to share with you all.
The Illuminati - is our underworld consciousness subverting the good nature of man. No one knows who is an actual Illuminati operative because new one are constantly being chosen by the underworld forces. It's a sort of balance. I suppose some high-up up upper echelon of the world Society are in, and have some secrets that will let them travel in and out of underworld space. This allows Masons, and other do-gooders of the underworld to operate in seemingly mind-boggling large expanses of time like 1000's of years.

Shall I continue?