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Message Subject Have you ever dated or slept with someone you met on an online forum?
Poster Handle ifSHTF
Post Content
Could be real life or cyber life, since most people these days on the net live in interet fantasy land. Lots of people carry on cyber relationships in lieu of real ones, so I can't leave it out of the topic of discussion.

Did you meet someone on facebook, craigslist, myspace, GLP? Was it a one time deal or did you end up living Happily Ever After?

Share your stories and experiences!
 Quoting: gamerprincess81

Honestly, its a viable way to meet people using all 4 of the online options you've mentioned. I've met "normal people" on 3 of the 4 and generally they were not really serious relationships, but most were never meant to be.

Craigslist was the most interesting. If you just put yourself out there, and you don't have some boring ad, some of the crazy ass replies you get are truly amazing. I had a producer from MTV contact me, for some dating show - I talked to her off/on for like 4-5 months (I had no interest in the show), but she was fun to chat with.

One time I was selling laptops and had a group of hookers try and buy them in "trade"... and told me I had a goldmine because they'd probably always need to be fixed. Yeah... I sold one for cash and passed on the rest of the situation...

I had a one night stand with a chick (craigslist) who in the middle of doing the deed, looked back at me all innocent like and was like, "I want you to hit me in the back as hard as you can". To which I was promptly like, "wait... what?". And no shit... I didn't mishear her - she fully wanted to be donky punched in the back. Creeped out? Yuppers! I can totally go for a little choking or some mild S&M, but to just up and slug some gal in the back? Well, that wasn't really my cup of tea, so I kinda just stopped, got up all wierded out and brought her all of her clothes.

Had I knocked that one up that'd either be the best or worst choice of my life... either way, I wasn't comfortable with it.

And the net is great for making some unique connections with people you'd otherwise never meet! I somehow started chatting with Sean William Scott on myspace for like 2 years after I posted a reply on his profile. He's hilarious.

The internet is awesome, and you can dig right through the normal bullshit you encounter in most dating situations and just move right to the next person. Just beware - there's also lot of creepy ass people out there.
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