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Message Subject Illuminati content in jap cartoon
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
more like 4chan material, but here goes: In the Anime Gasaraki a spike in wheat prices is used as an excuse to declare Martial law, and leads to World War.
 Quoting: Occultator 1244560

Almost every Anime is based on this content. Some use it for the good, some for the bad.
 Quoting: Tetra

But this has MARSHALL LAW - not only school girls & mecha robots in it.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1244560

I can easily name you a few mainstream anime that have way more complex stuff in it.

Look at One Piece.

Look at Naruto.

Look at Bleach.

It's even the same concept.

Anime is full of occult symbolism and knowledge. Just like I said before - some use it for good and some for bad.
 Quoting: Tetra

difference here is that it was taking place in the "real world" around 2014, with not many other fantasy creatures around, but i agree that plenty of the stuff is heavily loaded with symbolisms.
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