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Message Subject *** Short Summery of the BEZERK thread for VOICE CHAT ***
Poster Handle acolyte
Post Content
Apart form the final two burst's, this will probably be my last direct correspondence concerning bezerk. (LOL I keep on saying that, then something happens and I have to post again <wink> )

Seriously, I'm not on the project anymore, I'm out of the Loop regarding BEZERK. If it wasn't for the GLP coding problems and some external factors that occurred near the 19th, I would have been done/finished with it by now.

Again I thank all of you for the journey.

Just to answer a few questions from Voice Chat

- Augie is the organism in the oil and in saltwater(oceans) it uses/used oil as a conveyor.
- The organism's cousin is the one now targeting/forming in freshwater reservoirs/tables beneath the earth and surfacing via drilling(like in lake Vostok) or with flooding. Because of the Schumann resonance increase (moon shrinking) rising water tables are also rising(surfacing) forming ground/land based splashzones.
- Synthia is NOT the organism. Synthia is the result of various microbial mutations caused mainly by the use of chemicals like corexit and that "other" company who introduced the nano technology which I cant mention.
- SplashZones is where either the organism(ocean/saltwater) or its cousin(freshwater) surfaces in large quantities, covering a large enough surface area where enough of the receptors in the organism can receive "instructions" from the incoming rays. (From Solar or "from its masters". The SUN changes does play a large role in this. This is why China is incorporating their S.I.M technology to take advantage of the Sun/Solar changes)
- Empirical calibrators are used to neutralize splashzones, however, because of the swarmed intelligence of the organism it quickly adapts/changes its empirical quotient and starts again. This causes vessels uisng calibrators on board, like subs/ships to frequently go back to docks or to do "Romeos" to get higher/stronger "x" calibrators. The highest one from last reported data that I have, was already at x9.

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