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Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Not feeling any solidarity with a bunch of Marxist revolutionaries or the Islamic theocrats.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1196058

and THATS why you'll always be a slave.. divide and conquer.. you drank the whole fucking jug of that shit you call koolaid in reference to an unpopular political line

im the first to say im not very fond of islamic peoples and some of their ways especially against women.. my knowledge also doesnt come from media but rather via friends and loved ones.. some of which are islamic in the world

HOWEVER.. my own political and cultural reservations aside

these are a PEOPLE who are rising up against a dictator, who have been given the chance to act after years of virtual enslavement. they see the weak point and strike while the iron is hot so to speak

and its an example thats slowly picking up pace around the world

say what you will about their political beliefs, religion or anything..

these people are brave
and you just insult yourself coming on here with that canned bullshit party line sheep like prattle

they are a good example of what must be done in the world

You are the opposite of that
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