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Subject Alien Abduction Radio Show Online In A Few Minutes!
Poster Handle AlienAddictions.com
Post Content
Hey GLPers,

Great show to listen to while you're GLPing!

You can listen live at www.Party934.com between 2AM and 4 AM Eastern Standard Time (US - New York City Time)

Tonight we talk a little about the debaucle in Egypt, secret symbols from Freemasonry and the Illuminati on American currency ... I'll even tell you about a Farmer from China who says he had sex with an alien ... and passed a lie detector test?!?!?

I'll take a few questions from the listeners about my abduction experiences ... and make sure to tune in and see what fallout we may get world wide from the Egyptian revolutions!

Alien Addictions is the name of the show, and I'd appreciate if you want to check it out!

Thanks GLPers!!

- Alien Photog

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