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Message Subject My Mom said my dad was a reptilian shapeshifter and I am the descendent of several elite/Illuminati families. Ask me a question
Poster Handle misterx
Post Content

He is merel a well-paid, well-rewarded tool. They let him think he is a big shot for helping to sell out his own people as many before him.

They let Geroge Bush think he was a big shot, too. Gave him secret "codes" to give out on 9/11. Wooo wooo.

His father really is. The apple fell a log way from the tree. Deep down, Poppy knows what I am saying to be true.
 Quoting: misterx

Is Barbara Bush the daughter of Aleister Crowley?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1037096

Highly likely and George Bush might have been a nazi plant (Scherff) adopted by Prescott.

Those folks are pure evil.

Wouldn't discount the possibility.
 Quoting: misterx

OP, so you believe that, Prescott Bush was Nikola Tesla's assistant?

Do you know anything about Herbert Walker Sr. or the Walker family?
 Quoting: YoU~€iT¥ <aka> abe

I'll just say I find that information highly plausible, but I have no personal information.

Again, I don't have a lot of very secretive or sensitive information on elite plans -- nothing you wouldn;t hav ecome across yourself maybe, but I think we are on the same wavelength there.
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