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Message Subject My Mom said my dad was a reptilian shapeshifter and I am the descendent of several elite/Illuminati families. Ask me a question
Poster Handle misterx
Post Content
Reptilian & Illuminati don't go together!
 Quoting: Butt Ugly Toad

As I have said, repeatedly, I am not saying to take the reptilian thing at face value.

I am equally skeptical of the Illuminati bloodlines actually, a la Springmeier et. al.

It is others who say my family was Illuminati not me.

Anyway, my mother's family had Illuminati bloodline roots as I said. Two families -- one bloodline and another related on her father's side.

It was my father, however, that my mother accused of being a reptilian shapeshifter. And she has been a person of some responsibility at times (a judge, retired now).

Did she marry someone from across the tracks? yes, in every way imaginable.

Maybe, that is why I am not really on the inside track. Never claimed to be.

Maybe, Illuminati and Reptilians aren't supposed to mix.

She was courted hard and heavy by a lad (not closely related) from the same Illuminati-related family as her father, before dropping out to marry my father and start a family. I think it was actually intended for here to marry and have children with someone else entirely -- not my kind of mutt of a father.

But who knows?

Why do you say that? I never knew they were mutually exclusive categories and many seem to believe there is a connection between the two.

All I know about my father's family is that it is asid to be on the Committtee of 300 families and he may also be descended from some Marrano Sephardim as well, and we may have both had Mediterranean fever as boys.

Where the reptilian thing comes in, if it does, I have no idea.

I do not claim to know its origin.
 Quoting: misterx

Reptilians are bullshit

Well, I actually hope you are right.

, whereas the Illuminati aren't.

On that we are definitely in agreement.

Plus, Illuminati family members aren't brought in usually, unless you have something to offer, which it doesn't appear you dew.

One more time: I never said I had any sensitive
info. to give -- any inside scoop on elite plans.

I could tell you something about their culture,
maybe, but perhaps you know all about it.

Let me ask you a question, are you a descendent of
one of the "Thirteen Illuminati Bloodlines"? Do YOU
claim to have any inside information as to what
they are about or like?

What say you, Mr. One-eyed Toad?

 Quoting: Butt Ugly Toad
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