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Message Subject My Mom said my dad was a reptilian shapeshifter and I am the descendent of several elite/Illuminati families. Ask me a question
Poster Handle misterx
Post Content


Strangely enough I hoe you're right, though I have every reason to belive your statements are unsupported.

How many here are really ready to take Mr. Toad's wild ride?

The bloodlines might be b.s. The massacre to Templars was very real, but maybe not complete. The Illuminati may very well be good guys OR MAY WELL HAVE BEEN GOOD GUYS AT ONE TIME (I'll explain later.)

Don't think they are necesarily about God's work as we speak, unless you think Goldman Sachs and George Bush were really doing God's work.

(rolls eyes)
 Quoting: misterx

Yes they were!
And you were there, too?

You need to understand.
Man, I'm trying to. Can anyone else?

There is no sPoon!
What the frack!?

There is no eVil!
How on earth do you explain Carrot Top?

There is no wRong!
How on earth do you explain Oprah?

There is only God and YOU are always rIght!
There may be a God.
And just ask my wife, I am not always right.
Sometimes, she is.

Ps: Illuminati - Misdirection
Yes, that is how the operate.

What part of that don't you understand?
I think I've made that clear.

The story surrounding the Knights Templar was propagated to make you think they were gone when not ONE was killed.
I won;t bug you with the evidence.
Do YOU have any?

Plus, how dew you know YOUR written history is even right?
It often isn't and sometimes new discoveries
are made.

Just how long dew you think the human race has been on this planet?
Modern honmo sapiens -- around 100-200,000 yrs

You would piss yourself if you knew the real truth about all of this and who's really in charge
Well, worse things could happen I suppose.

(it isn't God)!
As long as it ain't you.
 Quoting: Butt Ugly Toad

 Quoting: misterx

Actually, it's WE!

On your estimation of how long WE've been here, your low number isn't LOW enough! You should watch these three movies:

[link to www.imdb.com]

[link to www.imdb.com]

[link to www.imdb.com]

Ps: There's a LOT more truth to movies out of Hollywood than you could ever imagine but you have to "tweak" them to get it right.

Pps: Add this movie to the list:

[link to www.imdb.com]
 Quoting: Butt Ugly Toad

OK, I see the problem.

You have clearly watched too many bad science fiction movies.

The Sixth Day?

Anyhoo, where are you getting this "WE" from?

You got a mouse in your pocket?

It ain't me.

Timothy Leary once said, ""We" is the preadtory pronoun."

One time, BTW, a friend of mine and I checked into a hotel in Memphis as Doctor Timothy Leary and his brother, Really Leary.

True story.

Good times.
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