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Message Subject My Mom said my dad was a reptilian shapeshifter and I am the descendent of several elite/Illuminati families. Ask me a question
Poster Handle misterx
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Interesting thread OP.

So what kind of advice would you give people living in this screwed up world today? Stop watching TV, news, movies because they are programmed? Stock up on food? Is there are safe place on this planet to live? Are their certain foods to stay away from? How do you live your life?
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Finally an intelligent question. It was a long night.

Yes, at least seriously cut down on TV watching. Watch movies to examine, analyze the programming maybe to get e better handle on it. Watch them from that angle.

Vigilan Citizen is a good blog -- a good place to start to analyze the most recent films, videos etc.

As for the survivalist thing I don't get into it, I'm more into consciousness-raising as an attempt to revitalize a badly needed protest movement in the U.S. (my home country).

If we don't act collectively to alter the course of history, no individual effort to survive the coming crap will be effective. I guarantee you.

And American citizens will not be able to hold out as long as they might think against the government because of the nature of weapons presently at their disposal. Holding out in a shot-gun shack in the mountains is not going to work.

There must be a resistance, a renewal of the spirit of the American revolution in earnest.

As for foods and lifestyle:

Yes, there are all sorts of foods one should stay away from. I still eat junk food from time to time, but my wife cooks healthy food most of the time. Crap food (such an GMO) is becoming unavoidable at this point which is why avoidance is no longer an option, we have to band together to stop some of these practices.

We can take our governments back, but we have to act -- now.

I don't want to go into too many details on this forum about my personal life -- where I live, my job, details of my personal history not directly relevant to the thread.

I was an active member of the anti-war movement several years ago, when I could see that it was going nowhere. As I was already "awake", I could see that the only way progress was going to be made was through a mass educational program prior to political action.

I think this is what many in the 9/11 truth and ant-globalization movements are, in fact, doing -- paving the way forward.
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