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Message Subject My Mom said my dad was a reptilian shapeshifter and I am the descendent of several elite/Illuminati families. Ask me a question
Poster Handle misterx
Post Content
So far, the OP hasn't given one shred of evidence that he is a half-breed reptilian, but his hair is a reddish color? What does that have to do with reptilians? Going soley on heresay.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 902591

I'm not sure that is a question addressed to me, but I am not attempting to prove anything to anyone.

Actually, I'm only interested in finding out the truth, no matter what it may be.

I wasn't the one who brought up the reptilian-ginger thing. I was merely answering somebody's question.

It seems pretty silly to me, but who knows.

I'm half-Irish. A lot of the Irish are red-haired. No great mystery there -- but plenty of great mysteries in Ireland.

Like the RH thing or eye color, I really don't enecessarily get the connection myself, but there it is.

And before anybody even asks, I'll tell you: blue. (But my wife says green. They have always been blue to my knowledge.) My mother's and father's eyes were blue as well.

There is at least one person on the forum who says that he knows for certain he is a shape-shifting reptilian. You should direct these questions to him. I have made no declarative statements I can't back up 100 percent.

You tell me how I'd know for sure, and I'd be happy to find out -- more than happy in fact.

And nobody will laugh louder if I'm not.
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