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this so called illuminati plan, sucks!

listen, please - quit trying t
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United States
01/30/2011 08:12 PM
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this so called illuminati plan, sucks!
The plan is simple, world domination, domination by a layer of powers, powers beyond what most here, on planet Earth, or the average citizen could ever imagine --- an energetic presence, if you will; some kind of entity within. . . that has overtaken, taken over your will.

A voice, a voice that most donít see the difference in, in regards to them self, a subtle, quick voice; or mere temptation in the mind --- a natural way of feeling --- to be overtaken by the lights, the television, with all the channels, movies, cartoons, programming of the individual, since birth, into a collective mindset that governs itself thoroughly, through jealousy, hate, frustration, losing control of your individuality, your every-day life.

[link to cognitivetransformation.blogspot.com]