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Message Subject Half of AZ to Have Rolling Blackouts Due to COLD Weather. Not Kidding
Poster Handle Plautus
Post Content

We're not a 3rd world nation yet AC, we can still afford to pay our bills, for now.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1252161

EEEEENNNNNNNHHHHHH! Wrong answer. We're about 47 days away from 3rd world country. Just a smidge more inflation...

We already have some of the most ineffectual health care (cost to benefit), abysmal teen pregnancy rates (thanks christians) high infant mortality rates (see health care above) low test scores on core subjects like reading, math, science, critical thinking in general (thanks christians and republicans) higher wealth disparity than Egypt for Pete's sake...

Call me when you get a clue.
 Quoting: It's hot here

Not only is our medical industry not effective at providing health, it kills about a million people a year. "Properly" prescribed medications kill more people than wars.
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