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Message Subject Half of AZ to Have Rolling Blackouts Due to COLD Weather. Not Kidding
Poster Handle It's hot here
Post Content
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1254076

Wait, a pressurized gas line has frozen? I call bs on that, if it's a lack of pressure it may freeze but got to say, sounds like something broke.

It's 37 here right now, 8pm, they're threatening rolling blackouts again in the am. Not concerned but I still want to know what they're selling the power for on the exchange.

it is 8 degrees right at 824 pm. its going to be a long night.

official responseTexas Gas Service
Texas Gas Service is experiencing natural gas outages in certain neighborhoods due to low pressure in pipes associated with the weather events. Neighborhoods currently affected by the natural gas outages are located within the Coronado area, as well as, the Lower Valley and East Side. When the gas comes back on residents must ensure that the pilot lights are relight to prevent accumulation of natural gas. Residents should also check the pilot lights on the stoves, heaters, water heaters and any other natural gas appliance. If residents smell natural gas in the home they should not turn on any electrical switches or appliances. Residents should leave the home immediately and call 911.
[link to www.kfoxtv.com]

Officials don't expect gas service to be available throughout the night. [link to www.kfoxtv.com]

I know you can freeze NG, it's called LNG but if there was pressure in the lines it wouldn't freeze. Sounds to me like something broke but they're not telling anyone. Otherwise, really cold parts of the world would never have heat.
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