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Message Subject ***Breaking, Senate repeals part of health care law***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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And of course you can't have a win without a loss. We'll just keep trying and trying. Eventually pick this f'n mess apart.

United, Senate Dems defeat health care repeal measure

Carrie Dann writes:Senate Democrats remained united on Wednesday in killing a Republican effort to repeal the health care bill signed into law last March.

As expected, no Democrats voted against a procedural motion that effectively defeated a GOP amendment -- sponsored by Republican Leader Mitch McConnell and tacked on to an unrelated aviation bill -- to repeal the health legislation.

All Republicans voted together in favor of the McConnell-sponsored amendment. The vote was 47-51.

The House passed the repeal measure last month.

[link to firstread.msnbc.msn.com]
 Quoting: It's hot here

The actual vote that effectively killed the McConnel Amendment was not no the McConnel amendment itself but a vote taken as to a waiver on a point of order on account of the standing "Pay Go" law... the same objection was made to the 1099 requirements overturn that it would be illegal under the Pay Go law, but that law was waived so that the 1099 requirement repeal could be approved. Why Pay Go can be waived in the lesser amendment and not the greater full repeal amendment is way beyond me, but I guess that is how Democraps think.

So the McConnel amendment was not killed by actual up down vote on it but on a technicality.

So, apparently it is now upto SCOTUS ruling as to the constitutionality or unconstitutionaly if the current health care laws.

IF SCOTUS declares it all constitutional, that decision will effectively void the rest of the US Constitution.
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