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Boris Petrovic
User ID: 1254856
02/03/2011 03:35 PM
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Astana - The light of a New World Order

World Forum of Spiritual Culture 2010
[link to www.astanaforum.kz]
[link to www.peace-through-culture.org]

The Declaration -- "To New Peace and Consent through Spiritual Culture"
[link to www.scribd.com]

Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly - The Noosphere Constitution for Mankind
[link to www.scribd.com]

[link to www.noosphereforum.org]
[link to www.newhumanity.ru]

Music: Astana Philharmonic - Carmina Burana (Performed on October 18th 2010)


2012 Earth Shift - Kundalini Stargate - Earth Magnetic Reconnection

Visions of the NOOSPHERE
[link to www.scribd.com]

WORLD FORUM OF SPIRITUAL CULTURE Astana (Kazakhstan) 18-20 OCT 2010
Section 5: "Global Strategic initiative of the World Civil Society: NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL - ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND"

The Way Of Noosphere Spiritual Ecology Is The Only Resolution To The Planetary Crisis! Clean The Global Mind Of Pollution!

El Camino de Ecología Noosfera espiritual es la única solución a la crisis planetaria! Limpiar la mente global de la contaminación ...

"The Noosphere will become a way of knowing as a way of being, completely integrating Noosphere downlink in human resonance systems. The way of Noosphere Spiritual Ecology is the only way to resolution of the planetary crisis. The mental field is the world of cause as we only see the poisonous effects growing on this planet. The plants, the waters, the animals, humans and moments... They all fall from the heavens rather than grow from the ground! It is the poisons of the global mind that poison the Earth! To change the course of humanity, we need to take away the pollution between the planetary causal and phenomenal so that all can become the embodiment of truth." Boris Petrovic, World Forum of Spiritual Culture, Astana 2010

[link to www.noosphereforum.org]
[link to www.newhumanity.ru]
[link to www.astanaforum.kz]

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1249069
United States
02/03/2011 03:36 PM
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Sugar coated genocide.
Boris Petrovic (OP)
User ID: 1254856
02/03/2011 03:38 PM
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[link to www.noosphereforum.org]


The World Forum of Spiritual Culture, Astana, October 18-20, 2010
[link to www.astanaforum.kz]
[link to www.newhumanity.ru]
[link to www.noosphereforum.org]

Section 5 “Global Strategic Initiative of the World Civil Society:


Upon listening and discussing the reports addressed by scientists from Russia, USA, Australia, Belarus, France, Brazil, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Serbia, Mexico, Israel, Costa-Rica, Japan, the Hawaii Islands, Ukraine, Turkey, Lithuania, Algeria, Bolivia, Cameron, Latvia, Palestine, the United Kingdom of Great Britain, India, Argentina, Austria, Rwanda, Nigeria, Tajikistan, Guatemala, Georgia, New Zealand, China, Peru, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Liberia, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Nepal, The Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Mauritania, and others (a total of more than 50 countries ), at Section 5 of the World Forum of Spiritual Culture (Astana, October 18-20), and upon considering their opinion on the noosphere development perspectives for humanity, whose consumer behavior of the planetary community is changing towards the Earth biosphere approach, the participants have issued the following declaration:

- The modern technogenic civilization is rapidly entering a critical phase of the cosmic cycle, with the evolutionary shift of the Planet caused by a change in the quality of the biosphere, as well as in the inner and outer life of the entire humanity.

- Since the planetary civilization has been transformed by its historical development into a powerful bio-geological force, able to unbalance all major cycles, biospheric structures and the cosmic environment, there is a strong need for the activity patterns and interrelations among Humanity, Nature and Cosmos to be harmonized.

- Global challenges and threats posed by the systemic crisis claim for a noosphere-centered approach; we must try to resolve the key problems before the crisis becomes irreversible.

- The main path towards genuine quality of life, in the new age, will be the holistic worldview which was characterized in the ancient wisdom teachings (Confucius, Lao-Tzu, Anaxagoras) and in the Cosmism traditions based on the Law of Spiral Development, as represented by teachers who belong to mankind’s “golden fund”, such as V. Solovyov, P. Teilhard de Chardin, Sri Aurobindo, A. Schweitzer, N.F. Feodorov, P.A. Florensky, V.I. Vernadsky , A.L. Chizhevsky, N.A. Kozyrev, V.P.Kaznacheyev. and others), and who considered the Universe, the biosphere and the human beings as a single system with direct and feedback links of interrelation and regulation mechanisms.

- The main problems of our age have made imperative for Mankind to integrate all the intellectual powers in order to set out a World Strategy and Constructive Program for the survival and development of all peoples, regions, and of the Planet Earth itself.

- The understanding of the ethics of interrelations between the Human Being and Nature is the most important noosphere thinking realization tool. Legal mechanisms of a new international legislation, based on nature’s conditioning factors for Humanity and for the entire living world, may be the instruments for its practical implementation.

- Initiatives suggested by scholars of different countries on the noospheric transformation of the relations on the use of natural resources application, in favor of sustainable development of states, have generated a push for international meetings of NGOs to be organized, as well as a call for a peaceful and wise civilization, working on behalf of present and future generations.

- V.I. Vernadsky’s teachings on the Noosphere, being developed by modern scientists and education experts, recognize human experience and knowledge as a foundation, a mechanism of living activity and learning, which gather the conditions for a basic socio-eco-economic platform, necessary for the development of a futurological mindful inter-dependent planetary peoples’ community.

This is the reason why we need to formulate and implement the fundamental and applied noosphere education, without which humanity will not overcome its destructive activity towards Nature, which increases the threat of a civilizational collapse in a depleted planetary eco-system.

- The noospheric civilization development, and the creation of innovative socio-economic systems, should be based on breakthrough technologies, ecologically safe in all spheres of living activity. It allows for the polluted areas to be healed and for a transition period for society, while it shifts from unstable to sustainable models, allowing balanced production and consumption to be activated.

- The depopulation crisis in some regions constitutes another threat posed by globalization; this risk demands legal regulation documents, to be adopted by the new noospheric civilization.

Based on the results and suggestions from the participants, which came from more than 50 world countries, and presented before the beginning of the Forum, the following final resolution has been taken:

WFSC (Astana, October, 18-20, 2010)

Section 5

“Global Strategic Initiative of World Civil Society: the NOOSPHERE ETHICAL ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND”

- To accept the idea that humanity on Earth is to be integrated into a cosmic meaningful single noospheric civilization, as a basic condition for a transition towards the noospheric society;

- To adopt a a new legal document – the NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND as a foundation; and after revising it with the inputs from the World Forum of Spiritual Culture, to suggest that the Noo-Constitution be discussed at the conferences of the NGOs of the World, for further development of the main ideas of the document, as a starting point, in order for the main regulations be appreciated and later realized;

- To appeal to peoples and states, interstate alliances and international world organizations to adopt in their activity the universal principle of the energy-information interaction between nature and society, introduced in the Noo-Constitution;

- To approve the submission of the WFSC participants who had proposed the Draft of the NOOSPHERIC ETHICAL-ECOLOGICAL CONSTITUTION FOR MANKIND for discussion, as a model for noospheric economics and politics, with noosphere monitoring indicators of sustained development in areas of crisis, as well as being a tool for a civil international community interaction with political leaders and policy makers, including the ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL (ECOSOC) of the UN, the World Council for Sustainable Development Entrepeneurs (WCSDE), PROON, UNEP, UNESCO, and others;

- To support an initiative of the participants of Section 5, concerning the World Peoples’ Parliament of the UN to be established. The World Peoples’ Parliament may become a Center for the noosphere implementation to be effected in the planet, as a special coordinating and controlling “headquarters” created by the participating organizations;

- To suggest that the World People’s Parliament assist in building a modern worldview paradigm based on the teaching of an harmonious interaction between nature and society, including the works of the “Golden Fund” philosophers and cosmists, in order to lay a scientific basis for a new cosmos-planetary noospheric doctrine, integrating all peoples and countries;

- To support the suggestion that a noospheric agency be established within the power structures of all countries, responsible for creating a spiritual-ethical climate inside them, in harmony with the national, traditional and modern, world view paradigm;

- To consider that the military expenses of the world countries (i.e. humanity natural living basis destruction expenses) exceed 27 times the total budget for ecological recovery;

- To support suggestions from the Noosphere Spiritual Ecological World Assembly, approved at the following world summits: the Earth Peoples’ Forum (Johannesburg, 2002), the World Exposition EXPO-2005 (Japan, Nagoya, 2005), the Second Planetary Congress on Biospheric Rights (Brazil, 2006); one of them is the stabilizing “Living Earth Fund ”, to be created with, at the most, 1% of the budget now globally allocated for defense purposes. This fund is to be used for restoration of the planet initiatives, to minimize the consequences of the military conflicts and other destructive human activities, to mitigate and reduce the consequences of the ecological calamities, terrorist acts, and other related purposes. The “Living Earth Fund” shall be established at the World Peoples’ Parliament.

- To proclaim the year of 2013 as the World Year of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky, devoted to the 150th anniversary of the creator of the noospheric conception for human development, under UNESCO aegis and other concerned parties, in the framework of a future World Forum of Spiritual Culture to be prepared;

- To establish “The Noosphere International Award”, named after V.I. Vernadsky, with a monetary prize and with a special symbol for “The Golden Integral”; the reward will be sponsored by the “Living Earth Fund”, and will be delivered to the person presenting the best conception for a peaceful human development. This annual award will be given on the date of V.I. Vernadsky’s birthday, March 12. The amount of the reward will be defined after the fund’s designation, according to the resources accumulated from the contributions received from the military institutions of different countries.

- To support initiatives of the Russian Education Academy Smolny Institute in St-Petersburg, such as: a) to establish an Assembly of Higher Education Institutions of Noosphere orientation ; b) to implement a noospheric paradigm for the development of sciences and knowledge in educational institutes; c) to prepare teaching materials based on this new paradigm.

- To support a proposal for the publication of the “Noosphere Herald” magazine and “The XXI Century Noosphere Encyclopedia Almanac”, with a scientific editorial council to be formed with distinguished scientists-noospherologists and political leaders of noospheric orientation.

- To support the proposal to celebrate annually the date of “October 19” as the World Day of the Noosphere;

- To send the Final Resolution of WFSC to the UN, UNESCO, European Council, leaders of countries and international organizations, for information and action.

- To motivate people of the entire world, specially those who are making and implementing political, spiritual, labor-related and other issues concerning the state of our planet and of the people living on it, to be guided by noospheric approaches in their activities and decisions..

- to suggest to the distinguished authorities in the fields of culture, education, science, technical fields, health care and public service in general, the application of the regulations and principles of the Noo- Constitution in their daily lives.

The RESOLUTION has been signed by:

L.S. Gordina (Russia) - Noosphere Spiritual-Ecological World Assembly (NSEWA) President, Doctor of Philosophy, Candidate of Technical Science, Honored public figure of the Culture of Russia.

Jose Arguelles (USA, Australia) - World famous scientist, famous researcher of the ancient Mayan civilization, President of the Galactic Research Institute, Doctor of Philosophy and Arts, member of NSEWA.

Alec Brook-Krasny (USA) - Deputy of the New York State Assembly.

Nikitenko P. G. (Belarus) - Academician of the National Academy of Science of Belarus, Doctor of Economic

Michele Billore (France) - Doctor of Pedagogy, NSEWA branch leader.

Tania Belfort ( Brazil) - NSEWA Branch leader and coordinator of the South America countries. President of the
Star of Peace Project.

A.V.Trofimov (Russia) - Doctor of Medical Sciences, academician of the Energy-Informational Sciences
Academy, Professor of the International Slovenian Academy, MNIIKA general manager.

E.Stephanovich (Lithuania) - NSEWA Branch leader, member of the Party “Fair Russia”.

Andrushevich A., and Ugrimov S. (Switzerland, Germany) - NSEWA Representatives.

Dudina E. (Canada) - NSEWA Branch Head.

Boris Petrovic (Serbia) - NSEWA Coordinator.

Sir Reinhart Ruge (Mexico) - Honorable Member of the Parliament World Assembly.

Eugene Pakman (USA) - NSEWA Coordinator.

Eliseyeva O.I. (Russia) - General Director of a methodical center, medical science candidate.

Isis Resende (Brazil) - Executive of the ТV Supren and General Director of the Planetary Union.

Rodrigo Mejias Montero (Costa Rica) - Executive of the TV Supren and Planetary Union.

V.I. Patrushev (Russia) - Doctor of Social Sciences, Professor, Academician of RANS.

A.I. Osipov (Russia) - NSEWA Moscow Branch leader; also leader of an integration movement of Russia.
N.V Lapshina (Belarus) - NSEWA Branch leader.

V.I. Medikov (Russia) - Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor of Economics and Management at the Siberian
State Industrial University (SibSIU).

E. Radzhabova (Russia) - NSEWA Coordinating Board Member.

A.V. Mikheyev (Russia) - Associate Professor of the State University, Higher School of Economics,
Candidate of Physics and Math Science (St.Petersburg).

Ammar Banni (Algeria) - Professor of Ahmad Arbia College, co-author of “Science about a Human Being”

Victor Tuslukov (Russia) - Director of the “Gemma-Center Ltd”.

A.I. Muratov (Ukraine) - Executive of the “Harmony Integral Medicine Center”.

John Fordge (Cameroon) - Author of a series of monographic works on political and economical reforms in Africa.

V.N. Vasilenko, Ph.D. (Russia) - Politics Commentator, Professor of the Volzhskiy Humanitarian Institute of the Volgograd State University, member of NSEWA Conceptual Council, and of the philosophical-economical scientific meeting of the Moscow State University, named after M. Lomonosov.

G.M. Imanov (Russia) - Rector of the Smolny Institute of the Russian Education Academy, Candidate of
Technical Science, Doctor of Acme-logy.

P.Kh. Zaydfudim (Russia) - Scientific activity Pro-rector of the Moscow State Culture and Art University, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Candidate of Technical Sciences, RANS academician.

Kamran Mofid (United Kingdom) - Director, Founder of the Globalization for the Common Good Initiative,
PhD. in Economics.

L.A. Pokhmelnykh (Mexico) - Doctor of Technical Sciences.

M.K. Ushakova (Russia) - Psychologist, Culturologist, and Yoga instructor.

A.A. Chaplinska (Latvia) – Ph.D. from Daugavpils University, Mag.oec., Mag.sc.soc..

A.P. Repin (Russia) - General Director of the Noospheric Technologies Center “Yedineninye”.

Stamen Stamenov (Bulgaria) - TV Journalist, leader of the NSEWA Branch in Bulgaria.

Sesto Giovanni Castagnoli (Switzerland) - World Spiritual Forum President.

A.A. Kudryashova (Russia, USA) - Doctor of Technical and Biological Sciences, Acting member of RANS,
MAI, Acting member of the New York Academy of Science, Bio-Natural International Academy, Professor,
UN Consultant on Provision of Food and Ecological Security, President of the academician A.AKudryashova
Scientific Practical Center.

Roger D Nelson (USA) - Director of the Global Consciousness Project of Princeton University.

Surya Nath Prasad (India) - Professor Emeritus, M.A., M. Ed., M. Phil, Ph.D. in Education, Founder, Editor, and Executive Vice President, respectively, of the “Peace Education” initiative.

A.A. Gorbunov (Russia) - Doctor of Economic Science, Honorable Constructor of the Russian Federation, Professor, First Pro-rector of the Smolny Institute of the Russian Academy of Education.

A.I. Subetto (Russia) - Ph. D., Doctor of Economic Science, Technical Science candidate, Professor, Honorable Statesman of the Russian Federation of Science, Pro-rector on Quality Education.

Norma Susanna Roberts (Argentina) - Vice-Director of the Peace Culture World Forum, member of the Global Association of Harmony, Doctor of Art History.

Michael Grabner (Austria) - Satellite Media TV Communications.

Ulisses Riedel de Resende (Brazil) – President of TV Supren, and of the Planetary Union, Political and Social Scientist, Lawyer.

Jean de Dieu Basabose (Rwanda) - Executive Director of the Shalom Educating for Peace, Master's Degree in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies.

Imoh Colins Edozie (Nigeria) - Director of the Centre for Social Transformation and Human Development, B.ENG, MPHil.

H.O. Arifov (Tajikistan) - General Secretary of the International Commission Tajik, National Committee on Large Dams ICOLD, Head of the Fuel and Radioactive Resources Department of the Main Geology Administration at the Government of the Tajikistan Republic.

S.I. Grigoryev (Russia) - First Pro-Rector of the Russian State Social University, Doctor of Social Science, RAO member-correspondent.

Enrique Molina (Guatemala) - Founder of “Ciudades de Luz” (Cities of Light).

Bernstein Gocha Goguadze (Georgia, USA) - Vice-President of GIS F&B, Inc., MBA (Master degree) in English and Russian Linguistics.

Lawrence Bloom (United Kingdom of Great Britain) - Chairman of FRICS Green Cities, Buildings and Transport Council, Green Economy Initiative – UNEP.

V.V. Nikoulina (New Zealand, Turkey, Russia) - General Director of the Aqua Villa Estate.

A.E. Panasenko (Russia) – Rehabilitator of Individuality at the Medico-Psychological Center.

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger (Switzerland) - Scientist and Writer, University of Geneva
Founder of the Spiritual Caucus and of the NGO Committee on Spirituality, Values and Global Concerns, at the United Nations.

Isabelle Wachsmuth-Huguet (France, Switzerland) - Project and Communication Manager for the World Health Organization .

Francisco Azuela Espinoza (Bolivia) - Poet, Writer, Director of a laboratory and documentary center of the Simon Bolivar Andean University.

A.K. Adamov (Russia) - Chief scientific assistant of the Russian Scientific Research Institute “Microbe” (Saratov), Doctor of Medical Science, Professor.

John M. Bunzl (Northern Ireland, United Kingdom of Great Britain) - Trustee, International Simultaneous Policy Organization.

Nina Meyerhof, Ph.D. (USA) - President and Founder of the “Children of the Earth” (UN), Ed.D., 2Masters, and CAGS, accompanied by Jimmy Lama (Nepal), Sara Mirabel (Switzerland), Kelly Reimer (USA), Marko Harris (Canada), Ashphak Husein (Pakistan) and Sara Dreiphus (Switzerland).

Rosa Mabel Toribio Hinostroza (Peru ) - Collaborator and self-employed at the Earth Charter Peru (NGO), MSc in Holistic Sciences.

Marko Pogačnik (Slovenija) - Artist, Academic, and Sculptor.

Rev.Patrick McCollum (USA) - Executive Board Member of the “Children of the Earth”, UN NGO.

Royston Alexander Flude, Ph.D. (Switzerland, United Kingdom of Great Britain) - President of SPOC (www.cmdc-spoc.org).

Frederick David Woolfson (Canada) - President “The Club of Budapest in Canada”, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Laws.

Mr. Hiroo Saionji (Japan ) - President of the Goi Peace Foundation.

G.M. Shalakhmetov (Kazakhstan) - Head of TV-Radio and Public Relations for the Department of the Euro-Asian National University, named after Gumilev L.N..

Michael U.Den-Eli, Ph.D. (Israel, USA) - President of the Sustainability Laboratory.

Polly Helene Higgins (Scotland, United Kingdom of Great Britain) - Lawyer, Barrister.

E.Sultanmurat (Kazakhstan) - MAI Academician, Coordinator of the Forum “Millennia” at the UNO, President of the World Assembly of Turkish peoples, NSEWA Kazakhstan Branch leader.

K.I. Odegov (Russia) - Artist of the State Creative Master-Shop under Alexey Rybnikov’s leadership.

Jorn Erik Ommang (Norway, Spain) - Private consultant company, Project Manager / New Energy Specialist, Enerley.com / Enerley Creations.

A.V.Kibcalo (Russia) - General Producer, Director of the movie-video studio “Road of Time”.

L.V.Larionova (Russia) - Leading expert on Healing Systems of the Methodical Center “Generation Tree”.

Pozharsky (Russia) - professor of Psychology and Acme-logy Department of the Smolny Institute of RAO,

A.A. Pyatkov (Russia) - an actor of the State Movie-actor Theater, National artist of Russia.

V.A. Frolov (Russia) - Deputy Director of the Noosphere Natural Science Institute.

Luis Alberto Molina Cuadra (Nicaragua) - Head of the Mission Nicaragua Embassy of the Russian Federation, Master of Arts, International Relations and Economics.

S.V. Savitskaya (Russia) - President of “The Golden Pen of Russia” Fund, Chief editor of “The Moskoviya Youth”

Mrs. Masami Saionji (Japan) - Chairwoman of The Goi Peace Foundation.

G.N. Bichev (Russia) - General Director of the OOO “Uralburservice”.

Salomeh Dastyari (Australia, Iran) - Executive Coach for the F.E World Transforming Initiative.

Rob Wheeler (USA) - WTI: Process/Content Coordinator; WATUN: Chairman of the Executive Committee; World Transforming Initiatives; and the World Alliance to Transform the United Nations.

Come Alexandre Carpentier (India, France) - Convener, Editorial Board of the World Affairs Journal.

N. Varenik (Ukraine) - Representative of NSEWA, Correspondent of the International Review "Mirror of the Week".
Bernarda Gregory (Switzerland) - Senior Consultant Architect of Group Genius.

Maya Badalbaily (Russia, Azerbaijan) - Writer, philologist, sociologist, poet, and artist.

V. H. Lisin (Russia) - Academician of the International Informatization Academy.

E. D . Panov (Russia)- Writer and Journalist (Russia).

Special Resolution
Taking into consideration the suggestions received by the numerous delegation from
Russia and SNG (around 100 persons), a special resolution has been adopted, in order to:

- Consider the territories of the North, Siberia, and Altai which may become one of the first
model regions in Russia for socio-ecological and economic scientific and technical innovations.
For these ideas to be effected, it is recommendable to take into consideration the territories of
Kamchatka and Sakhalin.

- To support a Planetary “Wise People Headquarters” to be created in the Wisdom Valley of
the Altai Republic of the Russian Federation, for the harmonious development of Altai and
of the Earth.

- To make a proposal for Councils for a noosphere development to be set up within the state
institutions in power in different countries and at the UNO.

- To recognize as a “noosphere territory” the lands with a flag presented by Altai delegates.

-To support the proposal for the Shebalinsky Region of the Altai Republic to be granted a noospheric status as the first model territory for noosphere development and experimental projects.

- To support the project for a Planetary conference to take place in the Altai Republic under the headline: “Altai: a Noospheric Model of the Third Millennium”; working under the following motto: “ Leaders of Humanity for a Conscious Planet”.

- To support a proposal for a noospheric re-evaluation of the systems for human habitats in the country, an innovative project for the development of noospheric living milieu and activity in cities, villages and regions; special and purposeful construction of noospheric settlements in natural village settings; to realize achievements in terms of ecological security. The “Noosphere Consciousness” should be taken as a basis for the development and usage of the most updated technologies.

- To make a proposal for the leaders of Belarus, the first nation of the ICS countries and in Europe to have adopted a national strategy of sustainable development for 2000-2010; as for the years 2010-2015, to take into consideration the opportunity for a noospheric development transition to be carried out with the input of Byelorussian scientists, involving a noospheric worldview and a noospheric economy, supported by innovative technologies.

- To support the International Noosphere Northern Forums taking place in St-Petersburg (every 2 years) “Noospherizm: an arctic view on sustainable development of Russia and Humanity” and the scientific conferences “Noosphere Education in Eurasian Space” (the Noosphere Public Academy of Sciences, the State Polar Academy, the Smolny Institute of the Russian Academy of Education are the main co-founders).”

Note: Free English revision by Come Alexandre Carpentier, (India, France) - Convener, Editorial Board of the World Affairs Journal, Nov.15, 2010;
by Prof. Tania Belfort, Nov. 21, 2010, NSEWA BRASIL
Boris Petrovic (OP)
User ID: 1254856
02/03/2011 03:39 PM
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Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf - World Forum of Spiritual Culture, Astana 18 OCT 2010

User ID: 1236021
United States
02/03/2011 03:42 PM
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I have promises to keep....

User ID: 1254724
02/03/2011 03:42 PM
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I´m intrigued by your ideas and would like to subscribe your newsletter.

marked for later reading
- sol lucet omnibus -
Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/03/2011 03:46 PM
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Look up Nicolas Roerich and Pax Cultura
Anonymous Coward
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02/03/2011 03:48 PM
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 Quoting: anniesnow

Anonymous Coward
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02/03/2011 03:52 PM
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I sounds better then be run into the ground by the fed.
Anonymous Coward
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02/03/2011 03:56 PM
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Sugar coated genocide.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1249069

exactly. clappa
Anonymous Coward
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United States
02/06/2011 10:54 PM
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How cool is that!