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Message Subject Obama Administration Blocking 103 Gulf Drilling Permits
Poster Handle CrazyJarhead
Post Content
Isn't it great, finally someone whom does not cave into big oil. There are other sources that can be used including held back technology. It may be painful getting there, but fucking up our environment further is no longer a viable alternative, it is too far gone already. You would not believe the number of drilled wells that are capped and not pumping. I have family in oil and things are not as you would imagine.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1254914

Obama took more money from BP and big oil than any other politician. It has nothing to do with the environment. Obama wants to raise the price of gas so he can get people to agree with his Cap & Tax scheme. He's admitted the same.
 Quoting: CrazyJarhead

He may have taken ther money but he didn't cave ino them. For the health of the Gulf h is doing the right thing.
 Quoting: Nikki_LaVey

Wrong again. Besides caving monetarily and deceiving the public about the bullshit 20 billion dollar fund that was never established, Obama allowed BP to lie about the amount of oil spilled. He also allowed it to use Corexit in the Gulf even though it's toxic. I could go on but you get the point.
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