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Message Subject So I wonder what's gonna happen when all the religitards don't just poof away when their rapture doesn't happen?
Poster Handle dubofkush
Post Content
No, because their rapture is always just around the corner. American fundos have been waiting for it for 400 years, and every generation of them considered themselves to be living in the "End Times".
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1225868

I'm prepared for any scenerio. Whether we stay or whether we go, we have a peace that God's Holy Spirit will bring us comfort. If/when there are mass suicides (and I imagine there will be many), you can bet Christians will NOT be among them. And though I predict many of us will die for our faith, we know where we are going and that makes it all worth it.
 Quoting: ^Watcher^

Anon: ROTFLMFAO! Hahahaha couldn't have said it better.

Watcher: Just a question, can you explain to me the difference between the old testament and the new one? I honestly don't know.
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