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Message Subject So I wonder what's gonna happen when all the religitards don't just poof away when their rapture doesn't happen?
Poster Handle dubofkush
Post Content

Mass suicide? lmfao I hope so.

 Quoting: dubofkush

Pray that the Christians win.

Even you Atheists are filthy Infidel swine to the self-righteous muzzies.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1238390

Lol so you choose faith over science? Not gonna bother watching them.

Well go with your faith then.. go toss your cell phone, your computer, uhm actually take off your clothes, burn your house and go into the woods, make a hole, some clothes from sheep skin and have a nice time with your faith. Hahaha dumbass, go into the wilderness with your piece of shit faith and try and send me an e-mail within a year.

Religitards. Priceless[;
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